January 26th, 2012

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information:

Family Name: Alhanjouri
First & Middle: Mohammed Ahmad
Nationality: Palestinian
Religion: Muslim
Permanent Address: Alshohadaa St., Saker building–AlRemal-Gaza.

Background Education and Certificates:

Academic Result
Institution Name
Nov.2002 Feb. 2006
Ph.D. in Electronics & Communications Eng.
Mansoura University, Al-Mansoura, Egypt
Oct. 1999 Jan. 2002
M.Sc. in Electronics & Communications Eng.
Arab Academy for Science & Technology, Alexandria, Egypt
Rank: #1 with (Honor)
Sep.1993 Aug.1998
B.Sc. in Electrical & Communications Eng.
Omar Al-Mukhtar University, Al-baidaa, Libya

Field of Interests:

• Artificial Intelligence
• Engineering Optimization
• Digital Logic Design
• E-learning
• Digital Signal Processing
• Biomedical Engineering
• Bioinformatics Analysis
• Electronic Circuits
• Digital Communications and their applications
• Microprocessor and Microcontroller Applications
• Wireless Communications

Work History:

1- Assistant Professor at Islamic University of Gaza (2006- now) with responsibilities:
- Head of Computer Engineering Department (2010-now)
- Member of Faculty board. (2008-2009)(2010-now)
- Member of Computer engineering board. (2006- now)
- Director of projects and research center (2008-2009)
- Chairman of laboratories committee at computer department. (2008-now)
- Chairman of Organizing Committee for 3rd Technological Engineering Forum.
2- Assistant professor at Palestine University, Gaza (March 2006- July 2006), (January 2008- February 2008) with responsibilities: (volunteer).
- Dean of Library
- Member of Committee for establishing the Software engineering department.
- Head of Software engineering department
- Member of faculty of engineering board.
3- Teaching Assistant at Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport, Alex., Egypt (February 2002 – January 2006) with responsibilities:
- Preparing the lab manual for Electronics Course.
- Presenting many seminars for Electronics and Communications Dept.
4- Manager of Al-Amanah Office center for Computer services, October 1998-May 1999. With responsibilities:
- Teaching many of computer courses
- Hardware\Software Computer Maintenances
- Printing and preparing all Final Exams of Ministry of Education in Albeddaa city, Libya. (for Elementary and Preparatory levels)


[1] Hana Hejazi and Mohammed Alhanjouri, “A comparative study on waveatom transform for face recognition”, The 3rd International Conference on Engineering & Gaza Reconstruction, October 10-11, 2010, Gaza, Palestine.
[2] Hana Hejazi and Mohammed Alhanjouri, “Face recognition using Curvelet Transform”, The Twenty Third International Conference on Industrial, Engineering & Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems (IEA-AIE 2010), June 1-4, 2010, Cordoba, Spain.
[3] Hana Hejazi and Mohammed Alhanjouri, “Curvelet Based Face Recognition”, The 3rd Palestinian International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (PICCIT 2010), March 9-11, 2010, Hebron, Palestine
[4] Mohammed Alhanjouri, Mohammed YousefHussien,. “Classification of Multispectral Chromosome Images.”, Information Technology Forum, May 12-13, 2009, Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine.
[5] Alhanjouri, M., “Control of “. The 4th International Conference on Information & Communication Technology and Systems (ICTS) 2008, August 5th, 2008, Surabaya – Indonesia.
[6] Alhanjouri, M., Abou-Chadi, F. E.Z., and Hamdy, N., “Segmentation and Classification of Multispectral Chromosome Images”, the 22nd National Radio Science Conference (NRSC’2005)-URSI, March 15-17, 2005, C26.
[7] Alhanjouri, M., Hamdy, N., and Abou-Chadi, F. E.Z., “Feature Analysis and Classification of the Human Chromosome Images”, Second International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Information Systems, 5-7 March 2005, Cairo, pp. 175-163.
[8] Al-Hanjouri, M., Alkhaldi, W., Hamdy, N., and Abdel Alim, O., “Heart Diseases Diagnosis Using HMM”, MELECON 2002, May 6-8, 2002, Cairo, Egypt.
[9] Abdel-Alim, O., Hamdy, N., and Al-Hanjouri, M., “Heart Diseases Diagnosis Using Heart Sounds”, Nineteenth National Radio Science Conference (URSI), March 19-21, 2002, Alexandria, Egypt.

Seminars and Presentations:

[1] Heart Diseases Diagnosis, 10-12-2001, Arab Academy for science and Technology and Maritime transport, Alex. Eygpt.
[2] Heart Diseases Diagnosis Using Heart Sounds, 21-3-2002, 19th NRSC conf., Alexandria University, Egypt. (English Conversation)
[3] Heart Diseases Diagnosis Using Hidden Markov Model, 8-5-2002, 11th IEEE MELECON Conf., Hilton Hotel, Cairo, Egypt. 8-5-2002. (English Conversation)
[4] Introduction to Data Analysis for Bioinformatics, 20-10-2003, IEEE Session- Student Branch at Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Alex., Egypt.
[5] Feature Analysis and Classification of the Human Chromosome Images, 6-3-2005, 2nd ICICIS Conf., Ain-Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. (English Conversation)
[6] Segmentation and Classification of Multispectral Chromosome Images, 17-3-2005, 22nd NRSC conf., Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Cairo, Egypt.
[7] Chromosome Classification Techniques, 3-12-2005, AlMansoura University, Egypt.
[8] Biometric Identification Systems, 9-11-2007, For IEEE Session- Student Branch at Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine.
[9] Features analysis and Classification of Human Genome, 4-4-2010, Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine.

Reports and Projects

[1] 2006, Ph.D. Thesis: “Feature Analysis and Classification of Human Chromosome Images “, Mansoura University, Egypt.
[2] 2002, Master Thesis: “Heart Diseases Diagnosis Using Heart Sounds “, Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Alex., Egypt.
[3] 1998, Graduation Project: “Artificial Intelligence; Neural Networks for Numbers Recognition”, Albeddaa city, Libya.

Courses that I taught:

The university
The courses
Islamic University of Gaza
1- Research Methodologies and Advanced Technical English Writing2- Electronics II 6- Engineering Optimization (M.Sc.)

3- Digital Electronics 7- Biomedical Engineering
4- Speech Signal Processing 8- Wireless Communications
5-Microwave Technology 9- Engineering Communications I
10- Discrete Mathematics
- Training course in advanced wireless comm. for engineers.
University of Palestine
1- E-learning and Research Methodology 3- Computer Architecture2- Understanding Telecommunications 4- Discrete Mathematics
Al-Quds open University
1- Computer Principles 3- Network Programming2- Introduction to Analog and Digital Communications
Arab Academy for Science and Technology (Alex.)
1- Electronics I 5- Communication Theory2- Electronics II 6- Communication System I

3- Electronics III 7- Microwave Technology
4- Measurements and Instrumentations

Software Experience:

• Micro Cap • MATLAB
• P-Spice (ORCAD family.) • Hidden Markov model Toolkit (HTK)
• Microsoft Office • C \ C++, Visual basic, and Fortran
• Surfing the Internet • Electronic Work Bench
• Assembly language • FEKO• Corel Draw

Training Courses:

Underground coaxial cable unit maintenance
July 1997- Sep. 1997 Al-baidaa central for Telecommunication
Computer maintenance and 6 programming courses Aug. 1996- July 1997 Sakr office center, Libya


Arabic: Mother Tongue
English: V. good


• Walking • Surfing the internet.
• football and sporting • reading about history and technology
• Natural scene thinking • drawing and handwriting

Extra Curricular Activities:

• Active Member of the Palestinian Engineering Syndicate.
• Member of the Research National Center (Gaza-Palestine).


Available upon request.