EELE 6348

Islamic University of Gaza ( IUG)

Electrical Engineering Department

EELE 6348 Selected Topic: Control of Uncertain Systems – Spring 2010

Professor:              Dr. Mohammed Hussein, PE

Office:                    New Administration Building, Room# B253 (Tel: 286-0700 ext. 2882)


Lecture:                  11-2,  Saturdays

Office Hours:        10- 11 Mondays  & Mondays

                                  11-12:30 Sundays & Tuesdays



Midterm Grades Final Grades 
Class Participation Homework Course Project I(you will choose) Midterm Paper Presentation Course Project II(I will choose for you) IEEE Transaction- Paper Presentation
5% 10% 15% 20% 20% 30%
50% 50%











Course Description



This course is dealing with basic computational theory for robust control that highlights the fundamental limitations and capabilities of linear controller design for plants with uncertainty. This course offers a discussion of the general stability and performance robustness problems in the presence of various classes of structured perturbations for Linear Time Invariant (LTI) systems. The topics covered in this course are research oriented. A Journal paper presentation along with course projects will be required, that will enable students to apply and test the concepts they learned from this course.


Pre-requisites: EELE 6301 : Linear Dynamic Systems  (our 1st graduate course with   passing grades)

Text:                  Due to the nature of this advance research topic, notes will be available.

References:  Any book in Robust Control System you can find.

                             IEEE transactions on Automatic Control (Journal)

                            Research papers ( Conferences or other Journals) in Robust Control Systems


  • No late Projects, Presentations or homework. Projects/Homework are due at 3:00pm (Wednesday). At 3:05 pm, the Projects/homework will be considered late.
  • You may turn in your homework before the due date. On the due date, turn in your homework in the lecture room. I will not accept Projects/homework that I find in my mailbox or under my office door on the due date.
  • If you disagree with a grade you got on homework, you can talk to me about the grade up to three days after I give you your homework back. After three days, I will not change the grade of the homework, for any reason.


Topics to be covered:

  • Control Engineering and Controller Design
  • A framework for Controller Design
  • Notation for Uncertain Systems
  • Robust Stability
  • Interval Number
  • Interval Matrices
  • Kharitonov’s Theorem
  • Polytopes of Polynomial
  • Convex set and Convex Hull
  • Edge Theorem
  • Eigenvalue Problem for Interval  Linear Systems
  • Bhattacharyya & Keel Algorithm
  • Applications:        Tolerance Frequency analysis for Linear analog Circuits
  • Other related Topics as needed