Research Interests

Eng. Mahmoud M. Jahjouh's main research interest are in the following topics:

  • Design Optimization of Reinforced Concrete Structures and/or members
    • This research subject is of great importance and heavy research is being undertaken to further enhance the ability of current optimization algorithms and design schemes to reach more cost economic solution which are feasible to construct.
    • Mr. Jahjouh's MSc Thesis was about: "Design Optimization of Reinforced Concrete Frames using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm"
  • Structural Identification:
    • This research subject seeks to obtain structural inputs from structural outputs (It is called Inverse Analysis)
    • Mr. Jahjouh plans his PhD dissertation on a topic of this subject
  • Design and Rehabilitation of Structures:
    • Latest Strengthening Techniques
    • Laboratory correlation of design equations and theory
    • Mr. Jahjouh's MSc specialization was: Design and Rehabilitation of Structures.
  • Modelling of Structural Elements and Studying the effect of various loads on the behaviour of these elements.
  • Soil-Structure Interaction:
    – Effect of Surface Blast Loads on subsurface tunnels
    – Effect of Traffic Cyclic loading and vibration on the soil-structure interaction models of tunnels
    – Effect of seasonal variations in water table on the performance of underground tunnels
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