Lecture Notes

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Class Schedule and Class Notes

Chapter 01:      Computer Security Overview

Part One- Computer Security Technology and Principles

Chapter 02:      Cryptographic Tools

Chapter 03:      User Authentication

Chapter 04:      Access Control

Chapter 05:      Database and Cloud Security

Chapter 06:      Malicious Software

Chapter 07:      Denial-of-Service Attacks

Chapter 08:     Intrusion Detection

Chapter 09:     Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems

Part Two- Software Security and Trusted Systems

Chapter 10:      Buffer Overflow

Chapter 11:      Software Security

Chapter 12:      Operating Systems Security

Part Four- Cryptographic Algorithms

Chapter 20:      Symmetric Encryption and Message Confidentiality 

Chapter 21:      Public-Key Cryptography and Message Authentication

Part Five- Network Security

Chapter 22:      Internet Security Protocols and Standards

Chapter 23:      Internet Authentication Applications

Chapter 24:      Wireless Network Security