Data Structures and Algorithms- Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

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Week 1: Course Syllabus & Overview 

                 Lecture 1- Ch.3- Fundamental Data Structures (Arrays)

Week 02: Lecture 2- Ch.3- Fundamental Data Structures (Linked Lists)

Week 03: Lecture 3– Ch.3- Fundamental Data Structures (Circularly Linked Lists)

Week 04: Lecture 5- Ch.4- Algorithm Analysis  
Week 05: Lecture 6- Ch.6- Stacks, Queues, and Deques (Stacks)
Week 06: Lecture 7- Ch.6- Stacks, Queues, and Deques (Queues)
Week 07: Ch.7- List and Iterator ADTs 
Week 08: Ch.8- Trees
Week 09: No classes (Midterm Exams)
Week 10: Ch.8- Trees
Week 13: Ch.10- Graph Algorithms
Week 14: Ch.14- Graph Algorithms