Lecture Notes

Class Schedule

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Lecture 1: Syllabus and Course Overview
Lecture 1 (Cont.):  Paper Review
Lecture 1 (Cont.):  Intro. to Course Project
Lecture 1 (Cont.):  Intro. to Networks
Lecture 2: End Hosts
Lecture 3: Control Plane
Lecture 3 (Cont.): Data Plane
Lecture 4: Measurement
Lecture 5: TCP Congestion Control
Lecture 5 (Cont.): Congestion Control at Network Edge
Lecture 6: Multipath TCP
Lecture 6 (Cont.): TCP Performance Monitoring
Lecture 7: BGP Instability
Lecture 7 (Cont.): BGP Policies
Lecture 8: BGP Security, BGP Interactions
Lecture 9: DNS Times and Places