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Below are sample exams and answers, quizzzes to prepare for the final exam:

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Instructions to Prepare Course Project Final Report

In regards to the course Android App project you need to follow the following instructions when preparing the final report:

  1. Include an abstract that is less than half page long.
  2. Include an introduction section that presents the background of your work. It should be less than 3 pages.
  3. Include  a “related work” section (optional)
  4. Include a conclusion section
  5. State the motivation behind your project.
  6. State the objectives of your project.
  7. Include a section that describes your approach thoroughly and clearly in detail. Use flowcharts, block diagrams, pseudo code, algorithms, etc.
  8. Include a section that tests your App. This section should include the design of several experiments that test all components of your design.  Include a thorough and detailed analysis of the results.
  9. Number the figures.  In the text you should reference the figures.
  10. Submit your final report in MS word format.
  11. Submit all source code in the appendix. Your source code should include all Java  code and XML files.
  12. The font size should be at most 12 points. The paragraphs are single space.
  13. You should explain the tools /packages/libraries used in your design.
  14. The length of your report should be 10-15 pages.


Best Regards

Prof. Mohammad A. Mikki



Evaluation criteria of final Android App project report:

  • 5% Abstract section
  • 10% introduction section
  • 30% Methodology/Approach/Project Design section
  • 20% Project testing section
  • 5% Conclusion section
  • 30% Appendix (That includes all code) section