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February 21st, 2013

Welcome to Dr. Mohamed Ouda page

M. Ouda received a BSc degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University of Aleppo in 1986, and subsequently joined Epko Company in Gaza. In 1990, he became a Research Assistant at the University of Manitoba (UM) in Canada working on radar cross section analysis. He received a MSc from UM in 1992 for research into 2-d scattering and radiation problems using Generalized Multipole Technique. Dr. Ouda received a fellowship award from UM toward a PhD degree. He worked in collaboration with Quantic Laboratory in Winnipeg on the developing of EMC analysis tool. In 1996, he received a PhD for research into electrical parameters extraction of 3D structure. In 1996 was appointed as Assistant professor in the Elect. Eng. Dep. at IUG. Ouda’s research interests include the applied electromagnetics area, which includes antenna elements and array design for a variety of communications, novel electromagnetics metamaterials for enhanced performance of antenna & microwave systems.

Dr. Ouda worked in the as a board member in various NGO serving the needy people in Gaza strip, Palestine. He served as the president of the Children welfare association in Northern Gaza from 2006-2011. He is also a Board Member and Co-Founder of The Institute for Middle Eastern Studies – Canada.