Syllabus Adult Nursing 3

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Islamic University

Faculty of Nursing

Adult Nursing III

Course Title: Medical surgical nursing III (Adult Nursing)

Course Number: NURSC3514

Credits: 3 credits                                            Prerequisites : Adult Nursing I&II

Student: Third year “5th semester”                Faculty : Nasser Abu-El-Noor. R.N.,Ph.D.

Course Description:

The course introduces the students to the specific and complex problems that affect the functional health patterns of adult patients. Emphasis will be placed on the impact of disease on individuals’ functioning. The approach to the content theory is by way of presenting problems related to meeting the basic needs of the patients and those arising from specific health problems. The nursing process provides the framework for selected independent nursing interventions.

Course Objectives :

At the end of this course the student will be able to:

1.         Utilize the nursing process in meeting the needs of patient .

2.         Describe the nurse’s role in the total health care of adults in order to give              optimal care to patients with medical or surgical conditions .

3.         Describe the effect of the disease process on the patient and family in order to help them cope with stressors during illness .

4.         Describe the assessment of adults with alterations in physiological functioning.

5.         Formulate goals and outcome criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of                nursing interventions for client with alterations in physiological functioning

6.         Describe nursing interventions which promote optimal physiologic functioning .

Teaching methods:

1-Lectures                                           2- Discussions

3-Audiovisual aids                              4- Videos

Grades :

1- Mid Term                            30%

2- Quizzes                            20%

3- Final Exam                          50%

Total                                       100%                         

Course Policies:

1.      Unexcused absence that exceeds 25% of the course hours will lead to failure. الغياب عن 25% من المحاضرات بدون عذر يقبله عميد الكلية يعني سحب المساق و يسجل صفر جامعي للطالب

2.      Students will be required to perform self-assigned readings that will be included in the exams.

3.      If there will be any reason that will prevent you to attend the midterm exam, you should provide a written excuse to the professor within ONE WEAK of the exam. The professor will evaluate your excuse and will inform you.في حال الغياب عن الامتحان النصفي بعذر, يتم تعبئة النموذج الخاص و تسليمه إلى مدرس المساق في موعد أقصاه أسبوع من تاريخ الامتحان 

4.      Each student should turn his mobile to a silent mode during the class. The use of laptops and mobile phones will lead to immediate dismiss from the class and deduction of 1 point from your final grade for each time. If you were dismissed more than three times during the course, you will be failing the class.

Course Contents

Unit/Chapter Content
Unit 8 Endocrine Dysfunction
Chapter 1 Assessment and management of patients with hepatic and biliary disorders
Chapter 2 Assessment and Management of Patients with Biliary Disorders
Chapter 3 Assessment and management of patients with diabetes mellitus
Chapter 4 Assessment and management of patients with endocrine disorders
Chapter 5 Assessment of urinary and Renal Function
Chapter 6 Management of patients with urinary and renal disorders
Chapter 7 Assessment and management of patients with Breast Disorders
Chapter 8 Assessment and management of patients with disorders of the male Reproductive System
Chapter 9 Assessment and management of patients with Rheumatic Disorders
Chapter 10 Assessment of Integumentary Function
Chapter 11 Management of patients with Dermatologic problems
Chapter 12 Assessment and management of patients with vision problems & eye disorders
Chapter 13 Assessment of musculoskeletal function
Chapter 14 Musculoskeletal care modalities
Chapter 15 Management of patients with musculoskeletal disorders
Chapter 16 Management of patients with musculoskeletal Trauma


Smeltzer, S.C & Bare, G. B. (2013) Brunner & Suddarth’s Textbook of Medical-SurgicalNursing (13th ed.). Philadelphia: Lippincott.

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