About Prof. Dr. Nizam El-Ashgar

Prof. Nizam M. El-Ashgar is a professor of analytical chemistry at the Islamic University of Gaza. He graduated from the chemistry department of the Islamic University of Gaza in 1991, then joined the Islamic University of Gaza as a teaching assistant in 1996. He obtained his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry in 2002 from the Ph.D. program of Al-Aqsa/Ein-Shams universities (Palestine-Egypt). He served as head of the department of chemistry in 2005 and vice dean of faculty of science in 2006-2008 and the dean of faculty of science in 2009-2013. Then he worked as the assistant of vice president of the scientific research and graduate studies in 2013-2015. In 2015-2017 he was the dean of faculty of science for a third period. He is now the coordinator of the Master Program of Crises and Disaster management. He is an expert in food analysis at the center of food analysis at the Islamic University of Gaza. Prof. El-Ashgar taught many courses included general chemistry, engineering chemistry, analytical chemistry, and instrumental analysis. He also an expert in hazardous material management. His research interests fall in the area of inorganic polymeric supports and sol-gel sciences that include synthesis of functionalized polysiloxane immobilized ligand systems, hybrid materials, and incorporation of active materials within sol-gel thin films. He also interested in groundwater and wastewater treatment and separation and removal of heavy metals by solid supports. He also conducted much research in crisis and disaster management, especially in hazardous materials. He published about 70 articles in his research fields. He was the chairman of three international conferences conducted in the IUG.