Name : Nabil Mahmoud Hewahi

Title :   Dean, Faculty of Information Technology
Academic Position : 
Professor of Computer Science
                                Islamic University of  Gaza-Palestine
Personal Information
Address : P.O.Box 5217, Gaza, Palestine
Tel :
8-2823311 (Ext. 2950)
Email :
Date and Place of Birth : 5/2/1966    Libya
Marital Status : Married
Native Language : Arabic
1. Ph.D. in Computer Science, “Genetic Algorithms Approach for Adaptive Hierarchical Censored Production Rule-Based System”, 1994, Jawaherlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India.
2. M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, “Genetic-Based Machine Learning’, 1991, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India.
3.  B.Sc. in Computer Science, 1986, AL-Fateh University, Libya.
Working Experience
1. The General Electrical Company, Libya, Programmer and System Analyst., 22/11/1986-15/2/1988.
2. Faculty of Sciences and Technology. Khan Younes, Gaza, Lecturer, 1/10/94-31/3/1995.
3. Ministry of Housing, Gaza, Palestine, Director of Computer Center, 1/4/1995-31/3/1997.
4. Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, 1/10/1996-31/7/2001.
5. Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine, Associate Professor of Computer Science. 1/8/2001-12/6/2006.
6. Islamic university of Gaza, Palestine, Professor of Computer Science, 13/6/2006 – until now.
6. Islamic University of Gaza. Head of Computer Science Deparment. 1/10/1998-30/11/2003. 
7. Islamic University of Gaza. Dean of Faculty of Information Technology. 1/9/2004-until now. 
1. “Introduction to UNIX OS” 7/10/1995-11/10/1995
2. “Advance UNIX OS” 21/10/1995-25/10/1995
3. “Basic Management Skills For New Managers” 14/7/1996-18/7/1996.
4. “Building Interactive Media For Technical and Training using Multimedia software Tools”,
June 14-18, 1998.
5. “
Fifth College on Microprocessor-Based Real Time System in Physics”, The Abdu Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, Italy, 12/10/1998-6/11/1998.
Scholarship Awarded
1. An-Najah University Prize for Scientific Research, An-Najah University-Palestine, 2006.
2. “Royal Society Scholarship, University of Birmingham,UK, 1/4/2001-30/4/2001
3. Fulbright Scholarship,
University of Texas at Austin,USA, Nov.2003-June 2004.
4. The Abdu Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, Italy, 12/10/1988-6/11/1998.
Academic Activities
1. Refereed several papers in various conferences and Journals.
2. Participated in t
echnical and programme committees for various international  conferences and scientific days.
3. Participated in various informal lecturing occassions.
4. One of the main key factors in preparing the curriculum plans for Computer Science department, Information Technology Systems department, Educational Computer department and Software Development department at the Islamic University.
5. A very good experience in quality assurance ( as a member of the committee and as a dean in following up the duties of the quality assurance committee).
6. Member of many academic related affairs committees at  the Islamic university.
Some of the  Recent Formal Activities
International Activities 
  – Scientific Committees : 
      * CCCT04 – USA
      * The 2004 WSEAS International Conference on Engineering Education- Italy.
      * CCCT05 – USA
     * The First International Conference on Science and Development 05-Palestine.
      * CCCT06 – USA
      *ISPRA07 Greece
      * AIKED07 Greece
      * EC 07
      * MCBC 07
      * CCCT 07 USA
       * Review board of Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge and    
  – Programme Committee :
      * Technical Editor, Journal of Information Technology
      * BIC05 – Malaysia
      * CSIT06 – Jordan
      * ICIT 07- Jordan
      * 4th ICTEDU 07-
 – Session Organizer:
     * 9th WSEAS International Conference on Computers, 2005 – Greece
     * The 25st IASTED conference AIA 2007 (Artificial Intelligence Applications),  
        2007 –
National Activities :
 – Programme Chair : 
      * The first Scientific Day of Information Technology 05, IUG,Palestine.
      * The IT forum, 9-10 May  2006,  IUG, Palestine
Courses Tought By Me
Introduction To Computer Science, Fortran Programming Languages, Pascal Programming Language, Object Oriented Programming  and Design , DBMS, Data Structures, Automata Theory, Discrete Structure, Artificial Intelligence, Operating Systems, File Processing and Management, Computer Graphics, Intelligent Business Systems.

Areas of Interest
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning( Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks and Neuroevolution approachs), Soft Computing,  Rule-Based Systems and Knowledge Representation, Data Mining, Intelligent Agents