Dr. Nazmi Abdel-Salam Al-Masri

March 7th, 2013

Nazmi Al-Masri, (CV 2020), is an Associate Professor of education in applied lingusitics, TEFL & curriculum development. Since his graduation from the School of Education, Manchester University, UK, he has been teaching several courses at the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) including

Undergraduate courses Postgraduate courses
Technology in teaching & learning Technology in TELT
Oral communication skills Curriculum development & evaluation
Academic Reading & writing Language assessment
Advanced Writing Skills Research methods in ELT

Main research interests 

  • Technologies in teaching & learning foreign languages
  • Training  teachers of foreign languages: English & Arabic
  • Disability & inclusive education studies in context of crises
  • English language curriculum studies
  • Intercultural studies and multilingualism in context of emergencies

Recent & current international research projects 

Nazmi  has been a consultant & co-investigator on about 20 British & EU-funded international projects of academic research, capacity building & mobility:

  1. Coordinator: Empowering Teachers for Inclusive Education in Palestine (TeachIn). Erasmus+CBHE-Germany & Austria
  2. Co-Investigator: Culture for Sustainable and Inclusive Peace (CUSP), Glasgow University, UK.
  3. Co-Investigator: Disability under siege, Birmingham University, UK
  4. Local coordinator: Developing the Teacher Education in Pedagogy for Early Childhood Education and Early Elementary School in Palestine & Norway,  University of Southeastern Norway
  5. Co-Investigator: BIPHEC: Building an intercultural pedagogy for higher education in conditions of conflict and protracted crises: Languages, identity, culture. AHRC – Durham University (UK).
  6. Co-investigator: Development and Promotion of an Online Palestinian Arabic Course (OPAC) – University of Glasgow, UK.
  7. Local coordinator: Online Training of Trainers: Initiative to Develop Pedagogical Practices in Palestinian Higher Education. University of Tampere, Finland.
  8. Supporting and developing teachers in challenging contexts. University of Manchester, UK
  9. Researching Multilingually at the Borders of Language, the Body, Law and the State
  10. EAST- English for Academic Study Telecollaboration 

Email: nmasri@iugaza.edu.ps