International Conferences

  1. Holubek, Vesna; Alenius, Pauliina; Al-Masri, Nazmi and Korhonen, Vesa. (Aug 2019) Higher  education under occupation: Exploring teaching and learning regimes in a Palestinian university. The Consortium of Higher Education Researchers (CHER) 32nd Annual Conference at the University of Kassel in Germany.
  2. Fassetta, Giovanna; Aldegheri, Esa; Imperiale, Maria Grazia and Nazmi Al-Masri; (2018) Besieged language, excluded identity, unbounded emotions: co-designing an online Palestinian Arabic course to challenge isolation, power imbalance and cultural prejudice. European Conference on Educational Research (ECER 2018 BOLZANO), Italy
  3. Al-Masri, Nazmi & Attia, Mariam ( April 2017) “تدويل برامج إعداد معلمي اللغة العربية لغيرالناطقين بها: تجربة الجامعة الإسلامية بغزة – فلسطين” [Internationalisation of TASOL programmes: The Case of IUG, Palestine] Proceedings of the Teaching Arabic to non-Native Speakers Conference: a view to the future, Turkey.
  4. Fassetta, Giovanna; Maria Grazia, Imperiale & Nazmi Al-Masri (March 2017). Establishing connections: Online teacher training in the Gaza Strip” presented at UNESCO Mobile Learning Week, co-organised by UNESCO and UNHCR in Paris, France.
  5. Al-Masri, Nazmi, Katja Frimberger & Mariam Attia. presented (Aug 2016) “‘Hope is our Bread and Butter’: Towards a Human Ecological Language Pedagogy in the Context of Siege” at the 2nd International Conference on BIBAC 2016, (Building Interdisciplinary Bridges Across Cultures), the University of Cambridge, UK.
  6. Guariento, Bill; Al-Masri, Nazmi & Rolinska, Anna (June 2016) “Investigating EAST: A Scotland-Gaza English for Academic Study Telecollaboration between SET Students”  presented and published in the proceedings of 2016 ASEE’s (American Society for Engineering Education) 123rd Annual Conference & Exposition), New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

  7. Al-Masri, Nazmi; Fassetta, Giovanna, Attia, Mariam; Frimberger, Katja & Imperiale, Maria Grazia (June 2016) Teaching Arabic online: a collaborative training programme. Presentation at the CESE Conference, University of Glasgow, School of Education, UK..

  8. Al-Masri, Nazmi; Mariam Attia; Katja Frimberger; Maria Grazia Imperiale & Giovanna Fassetta (March 2016) presented “Teacher Education as Form of Resistance: Insights from Gaza, Palestine” at the National Association for Ethnic Studies 44th Annual Meeting, University of Arizona, Tucson, USA. Conference title: Resistance: Borders and Power, Social Justice and Community.
  9. Al-Masri, Nazmi (2016) Presented 3 presentations at UK-Palestine HE Forum, as part of British Council sponsored-visit to several universities in London: Research and academic collaboration: IUG as a success story, Core skills towards global employability and Challenging facing HEIs in Palestine.

  10. Roli?ska, Ania; Bill Guariento & Nazmi Al-Masri (2016). presented Glasgow-Gaza LLAS 11th Annual E-learning Symposium, University of Southampton, UK.
  11. Holmes, P; Nazmi Al Masri & Mariam Attia (Nov 2015) presented “Recasting the concept of intercultural communicative competence: A critical multimodal pedagogy for teaching Arabic to speakers of other languages in Gaza, Palestine”. Intercultural Communication in social practice”. 15th IALIC (International Association of Languages and Intercultural Communication) Conference. Peking University, Beijing, China.
  12. Al-Masri, Nazmi; Bill Guariento & Ania Roli?ska. (Sept 2015) Co-presented The EAST Project and Glasgow-Gaza Telecollaboration at Glasgow Explorathon (European Researcher’s Night).

  13. Al-Masri, Nazmi (2012) A Model Course for Using Technology in Developing In-Service English Language teachers’ Proficiency and Competence. Proceedings of EDULEARN12 International Conference on Education and New learning Technologies. Barcelona, Spain.

  14. Al-Masri, Nazmi (2011). Lack of English Proficiency: challenges and suggestions.  Symposium on Learning & Teaching English at Secondary & Post-Secondary Levels: State of Affairs & Challenges. Zahret Al-Mada’en School, Gaza

  15. Al-Masri, Nazmi (2005) English Departments: Building Cultural Bridges betweenNations 39th  IATEFL Annual Conference, Cardiff, UK. 

  16. Al-Masri, Nazmi (2003) Effects of Developing Relevant materials on Academic Writing, 37th IATEFL Annual Conference, Brighton, UK.

  17. Al-Masri, Nazmi (2002). Promoting ESP Programs: Ideas for the New Millennium,   1st International Conference “Language, Literature & Translation in the 3rd Millennium, University of Bahrain.

  18. Al-Masri, Nazmi (2000). Evaluation of University-Developed Writing Sources on the Internet. The 6th EFL Conference, The American University in Cairo.

  19. Al-Masri, Nazmi (1997) Learners’ Needs: The Necessity for Trailing Adapted Speaking Materials. Proceedings of the 4th EFL Conference,The American University in Cairo.