Education under siege & occupation

Publications  on Education under siege & occupation 

  1. Let's break the bars of the cage of Gaza so, like a bird, I can fly and sing songs of freedom(May 15, 2018)  the Nationala – Alison Phipps & Nazmi Al-Masri

  2. 10/10/2016بطالة خريجي الجامعات: مقترحات إستراتيجية راديكاليةفلسطين أون لاين .   < نظمي عبد السلام المصري

  3. Professor Nazmi Visit to Manchester. (28 June, 2015) –Lantern: Language Teacher Education Researcher Network at the University of Manchester
  4. من غزة تنطلق العربية إلى العالمية (2015) – العربي الجديد  نظمي عبد السلام المصري –
  5. *What does it mean to be  a Palestinian Father? (9 Aug, 2014) – Mondoweiss  – Nazmi Al-Masri
  6. Imagine you are a Palestinian academic or a student  (12 Aug, 2014) Mondoweiss   – Nazmi Al-Masri 
  7. We want to exchange  our personal experiences of war, Sir (26 Aug, 2014) – Mondoweiss  – Nazmi Al-Masri 
  8. How can teachers be trained when staff have to work in darkness? (10 Sept 2014) Herald ScotlandAlison Phipps and Nazmi Al-Masri 
  9. **Message from Nazmi Al-Masri, Islamic University Gaza, in response to the Iona Community Statement on Gaza – UK.
  10. A Sound is heard of weeping (30 July, 2014) By Alison Phipps 
  11. 100s of Days – Gaza is Still Waiting (24 Dec. 2014) Glasgow Refugee Asylum & Migration Network (GRAMNet) By Alison Phipps amd Nazmi Al-Masri

*This article was also delivered aloud at the demonstration against the ongoing strikes against Gaza in Edinburgh Sat 26th July

**This message was written in response to Iona Community Statement on Gaza – 4th August 2014.