Construction Contract Administration

Course Description:

This course gives a general idea about construction contract administration. It emphasises on the legal side of contract administration. It looks at contracts from the point of view of different parties involved in construction industry. However, it considers mainly the contractor’s perspective. It covers different contract types and forms, tendering procedure, etc. It highlighs the main aspects at practice such as; delays, damages, claims, arbitration, variations, insurance, etc.

Text Book:

Samuels, Brian M., Construction Law, 1996, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, USA.


  • Clough, Richard H., Construction Contracting, 6th edition. 1999, John wiley, N.Y.
  • Sweet, Justin, Legal Aspects of Architecture, engineering and the Construction process, 6th ed., 1999, west Publishing, USA.
  • Hinze, Jimmie, Construction Contracts, 2nd ed, 2001, McGraw Hill, USA.
  • Murdoch, John & Hughes, Will, Construction Contracts: Law and Management, 3rd ed., 2000, Spon Press, UK.
  • Skitmore, Martin, Contract Bidding in Construction, 1989, Longman Scientific & Technical, UK.
  • Turner, Dennis F., Building Contracts: A Practical Guide, 4th ed. 1991, Longman Scientific & Technical, UK.

Grading System:

Paper/Case study                     10%

Presentation & Participation       10%

Mid-term Exam.                         20%

Final Exam.                              60%


Paper/ Case study:

Each student is required to submit a course related paper or case study.


Each student is required to have a power point presentation about case studies from the text Book.