Construction Management ENGC 6360

Course Objectives:

The main objective of this course is to expose the student to the applications of management to construction industry with emphasis on construction project management. General management and professional construction management principles are also introduced to the student.

Text Book:

– Donald S. Barrie and Boyd C. Paulson, Professional Construction Management, 3rd. ed., Wiley, New York, 1992.


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Course Outline:

  • Management in the Engineering and Construction Industry.
  • Development and Organization of Projects.
  • Project delivery Methods.
  • Forms of contracts
  • Application and requirement for management organization
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Building Information Modeling.
  • Sustainable Construction
  • Value Engineering
  • Concepts of project planning & control
  • Estimating Project Costs.
  • Cost Engineering.
  • Risk Management.


Presentation                        10%

Paper/Case study                10%

Mid term Exam                    30%

Final Exam                         50%



CHAPTER 1- Types of Projects

CHAPTER 2- Organization

CHAPTER 3-Project Delivery

CHAPTER 4- Contract Forms

CHAPTER 5- Applcation for management

CHAPTER 6- Public Private Partnership


CHAPTER 8- Sustainable Const

CHAPTER 9- Value Eng

CHAPTER 10- Planing and control

CHAPTER 11- Estimating

CHAPTER 12- Cost Eng