Contracts, specification and Measurement



The Islamic University of Gaza


College of Engineering-Civil Engineering Department


Course outline






Course Name             : Contracts, specification and Measurement (ECIV 4343)




Instructor                    : Dr. Nabil I El Sawalhi.




Time                            : Saturday, Monday, Wednesday 10-11, 11-12, and 12-13




Course Goals             :The course is intended to give the student the knowledge to understand the contracts management, specification of construction materials and measurements of projects quantities.








حساب الكميات و المواصفات


    احمد حسين ابو عودة (مؤلف)


عمان ( الاردن ):مكتبة المجتمع العربي للنشر و التوزيع 2004






References                                            :. حساب الكميات ، قواز محمد القضاه، عمان ( الاردن ):عالم الكتب الحديث للنشر و التوزيع 2003




Seeley, I.H and Winfield, R. (1999), “Building Quantities Explained” Fifth Edition, Palgrave


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SMM 7: Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works – Seventh Edition Revised 1998) 






Grading                       :Homework                  5%


                                    Midterm Exam              30%


                                    Term Project                15%


                                    Final Exam                   50%




Course outline:


Contract Management:


§                     Types of Engineering contracts


§                     Contracts Conditions.


§                     FIDIC contract


 Specification and measurement 


§                     Excavation


§                     Earth works


§                     Concrete


§                     Block


§                     Plastering


§                     Tiles


§                     Painting


§                     Metal


§                     Doors


§                     Windows


§                     Electrical


§                     Mechanical








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