Advanced Engineering Projects Management

The Islamic University of Gaza 

College of Engineering-Civil Engineering Department

Course outline

 Course Name             : Advanced Engineering Projects Management (ECIV 5344)

Instructor                    : Dr. Nabil I El Sawalhi.

Course Goals             : The course is intended to give the student the knowledge of understanding of the trends in Modern Management, Project Financing, Project Planing, The Modern relationship between the owner, the contractor (PPP & FPI) , Construction pricing, Costs Estimating, Decision Making, Risks Decisions and Decision Tree.


Text Book                  : Project Management for Construction, Chris Hendrickson, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA l52l3. Second Edition prepared for world wide web publication in 2000,


References                 : Barrie, D. S., and Paulson, B. C., 1992, Professional construction management,          McGraw-Hill, Inc

Clough, R. H., 1986, Construction contracting, John Wiley & Sons, Inc

Harrison, F.L., 1992, Advanced project management, Metropolitan book co., India, Third edition

Pilcher, R., 1992, Principles of construction management, McGraw-Hill, Inc.


Grading          Attendence                   5%

                         Midterm Exam              25%

                         Term Project                20%

                         Final Exam                   50%

Course outline:

  • What is project management?                 
  • The relationship between the owner, the contractor and the consultants(PPP & FPI)
  • Projects Financing       
  • Project Planing and Networking
  • Construction pricing and cost estimating
  • Decision Making
  • Risk and Uncertainty
  • Decision Tree


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