Research Methodology

The Islamic University of Gaza

College of Engineering

Civil Engineering Department

Course outline

    Course Name : Research Methods in Engineering (ENGC 6263)


Instructor : Dr. Nabil I El Sawalhi.


Time : Saterday and Monday 15:00 to 18:00


Course Goals : The course is intended to give the student the knowledge of understanding of :

Introduce students to the research process.

Help students plan and manage their research.

Introduce a range of concepts and methodologies that student can apply to their own research.

Text Book :

Research Methods for Construction, 2008,  Richard Fellows & Anita Liu, JohnWiley & SonsLtd, Third Edition


Business Research, Jill Collis and Roger Hussey, 2003, Palgrave macmillan, china.

Case Study Research: Design and Methods, , 2002, Robert K. Yin, Third Edition, Sage Publications, Inc.

Bell, J. 1993 Doing Your Research Project: A Guide For First Time Researchers in Education and Social Science.

Open    University    Press (2nd Edition) ISBN 0-33519094-4

Dissertation Research and Writing for Construction Students, 1998, S. G. Naoum, Butterworth-Heinemann


Grading :

Course work 1                      20% Week No 8

Paper Review

Course work 2                      20% Week No 8

The influence of adopted methodology approaches on research outcome

Learning Activity              20%     every two weeks

Research Paper                    40%       Week No 10

Paper Context 15%

Paper Content 15%

Paper Presentation 10%

Course outline:

Week 1: Introduction

Weeks 2 : Chapter 1: The Concept of Research

Weeks 3: Chapter 2:   Research Topic

Weeks 4 : Chapter 3 :  Research Process

Weeks 5 : Chapter 4:   Research Design and Methodological Techniques

Weeks 6 : Chapter 5: Research Questions and Hypotheses

Week 7 : Chapter 6: Data Collection

Week 8 : Chapter 7: Analysing Data

Weeks 9 : Chapter 8: Ethics in research

Wee ks 10: Chapter 9: Results and Conclusions

Weeks 11: Chapter 10: Writing up

Weeks 12 : Paper Presentation

Weeks 13: Paper PresentationResearch Methods for constrction

You Can Download the following course matrials

Research Methods for constrction