Scientific activities and studies

Scientific activities and studies

** Scientific activities and studies:


1: Teaching master's students at Al Azhar University, Gaza.

2: Teaching students of Dar Al-Hadith Society at Dar Al-Kitab and Sunnah.

3: Teaching students at Jerusalem center for studies and citation within Gaza acholars prgram. 

Arbitration on scientific and research programs

1: Arbitration on many researches at home and abroad from Tunisia, Riyadh, Qatar, Sharjah and the other for the purpose of publication in scientific magazines

 2: Arbitration on scientific output in order to upgrade their owners in many universities.

 3: Arbitration on adoption and opening for Master programs of Hadith and its sciences in the West Bank and Gaza, and also the adoption and the opening of new faculties.

**Scientific courses

1: Course in explaining the prophetic Hadith.

2: Course in checking the manuscript for students and who interested in that field at Al-Quran center, IUG (2010)

3: Course in explaining the science of the true Imam، Bukhari within the elite joint program between Al-Quran Centre and Dar AL-Kitab and Sunnah، IUG (2013)

4: Course in explaining the forty Palestinian Hadith in 2013 at Al-Quds Centre for studies and citation.

5: Course in the early 2014 in reading Sahih Bukhari with stop at some of the issues and the jurisprudence issues in Mosab bn Omair mosque

Other activities

Through the radio stations, including the Koran, and Al-Aqsa, Al-Quds, Al-Sahaba.

  And also, via satellite, including, Al-Aqsa, Al-kitab and Hona Al-Quds.

  Mufti of Palestine pilgrims for the year 2012, 2017.