Brief Curriculum Vitae

Brief Curriculum Vitae

Brief Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

– Name: Nafez Hussein Othman Hammad

– Date and place of birth: Gaza, Palestine, 1956.

– Nationality: Palestinian.

– Degree: PhD.

– Academic Degree: Professor, since 2002.

– Address: Islamic University of Gaza. Home

– Phone: 0097082635556, Mobile no.: 00970599655188, University fax: 0097082644800, email:


– Bachelor’s degree obtained from the Islamic University of Medina, Saudi Arabia in 1981.

– Master’s degree obtained in 1989, and PhD in 1992 from the Faculty of Dar Al Uloom, Cairo University, Egypt.


– Prof Hammad is a lecturer at Faculty of Theology, Islamic University in Gaza, Palestine, from 1981 up to date. He has obtained Professorship rank in 2002, and Distinguished Professor rank in 2015.

– Prof Hammad was the head of the Department of Hadith, a member of the Committee of Scientific Research, the supervisor of Graduate Studies, a member of the University Award board of assessors more than once, and reviewer of researches applied for the purpose of scientific promotion at many universities.

– Prof Hammad was the editor-in-chief of the Islamic University Journal for Islamic Studies, a member of the Disciplinary Council, the head of the preparation committee of the PhD program in Hadith and its sciences, the Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Faculty of Theology Conference titled “Risk on Unauthentic Narrated Texts on Islam”, a member of the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission affiliated to the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and the head of the department of Sunnah and its Sciences at IUG center for Qur’an and Islamic Da’wa.


– Prof Hammad received the University Award for Scientific Research twice, in addition to the Scientific Research award of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

– He also got a shield and a certificate of appreciation from the Palestinian Ministry of Awqaf and from Dar Al Berr Society in Palestine. Dar Al Berr Society also issued a book about Prof Hammad titled “Scientists from the Land of Israa’, vol. 1: Prof. Dr. Nafez bin Hussein Hammad: a distinguished Professor in Sunnah and its Sciences), prepared by Sheikh Dr. Yusuf Jumm’a Salama, President of the Society, and Sheikh and Dean of Al-Azhar institutes in Palestine, Vice President of the Supreme Islamic Council in Jerusalem, orator of the Al-Aqsa mosque, and the former Minister of Awqaf.

Research and Publications

– Prof. Hammad participated in several conferences in Palestine and abroad, most recently in Kuwait, Jordan, and Morocco.

– Prof. Hammad published sixty- five (65) research papers in twenty (20) Country in many well-recognized journals in Madina Monawara, Riyadh, Qassim, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Sharjah, Dubai, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Britain, Paris, Malaysia, Turkey, Iraq, Sudan, America, Pakistan, and Libya.

– Prof. Hammad has compiled and published many books in Khanji library, and Dar Al-Wafaa’ in Egypt, and Al-Rushd Library in Riyadh, and Dar An-Nawader in Syria, among others. These books include “Mukhtalif al-Hadith between Islamic Jurists and Imams of Hadith” written for the Ministry of Awqaf in Qatar, which has been taught at seven universities. Recently, The Complete Works of Prof. Hammad entitled “Anis al-Muhaddith” were published in 8 volumes by Dar Al Moqtabas in Beirut.

– Prof. Hammad supervised and examined more than hundred Master’s and PhD theses in Palestine and abroad.

And Praise is to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.