Published Books






Mukhtalif al-Hadith between Islamic jurists and Imams of Hadith. ُ

The first edition was published by Dar al-Wafa’ in Cairo, 1993; the second edition by Dar al-nawader in Damascus, 2007; the third edition by Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Qatar, 2007 (freely distributed to science seekers); and the fourth edition by Dar Al Moqtabas in Beirut, 2018.

This book is being taught to the Master’s students at the Islamic University of Gaza since the opening of the program in 1994. It is also taught at Azhar University in Gaza, University of Islamic Sciences in Jordan, Emarat University in Abu Dhabi, Medina International University in Malaysia, Azhar University in Cairo (Faculty of Theology, fourth year), Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir in Turkey, and others. The book has been summarized by Dr. Fakhruddin Yulds from Marmara University, and has been reviewed and published by the Journal of Islamic Research in Turkish language in 2014


Facilitating Reading the Farewell Pilgrimage Events. Published by Dar Al-Wafa, Cairo, 1994.

The second edition by Dar al-Nawader in Damascus, 2012.

The third edition by Dar Al Moqtabas in Beirut, 2018.


Three Letters in Hadith by as-Suyouti. Published by Dar al-Wafa’, Cairo, 2003


Qurrat al-Oyoun in documenting od Asanaeed (chains of narrators) and al-Motoun (hadith texts). Three volumes published by ar-Rushd Library, Riyadh, 2005



A Reading in the book Fateh al-Bari by Explaining Sahih al-Bukhari by Ibn Hajar. This book has been published in 2010, and is currently taught to the third-level students at the Faculty of Theology, Islamic University of Gaza


The Hadiths of Sahihain and their Men. An applied documentary study.   


The Complete Works under the name Anis al-Muhaddith in 8 volumes -each volume with a different title relating to its content- published by Dar Al Moqtabas in Beirut, 2018.