The Palestine Festival of Literature SOoOoOoN in Gaza at IUG

Students of the ISlamic University off all majors, get ready for this. A team of the writers will be at IUG on Sunday!
spread the word and be there.


Students from all MAJORS are welcome


check this for more/Arabic


The Palestine Festival of Literature is pleased to announce it has been granted permission to travel to Gaza by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
Palfest will depart for Rafah on Saturday morning. In Gaza the Festival will run a series of free public events and workshops. 
PalFest will hold its closing event in Cairo at the Rawabet Space for Performing Arts. The event will take the form of a report back from the participants on what they saw and heard and discussed in Gaza. The PalFest Team says: "We believe in the fundamental unity between Egypt and Palestine and hope that these events will forge new connections between the people of Gaza and Cairo". 
All PalFest events are free and open to the public.

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