from Mohammed Suliman to students of English

Mohammed Suliman is one of if not the finest scholar the English Department at IUG ever produced. He is talented and profound. Mohammed is a bookworm, so you better be careful when you're holding book while around him because he might snatch it from you, like some of you used to snatch sandwiches from your weak first grade classmates. I informed him that I am teaching the Introduction to English Lit. course this term. e sent the following to you. I will not alter anything, but you have to excuse the typos as he was under the pressure of his MA studies he is undertaking now in London. 


Salaam man 

Sorry this is a bit late. 

Didn't have time to go over it again. So don't mind the typos please.

When I first attended Mr. Refaat's classes, I felt a bit intimidated since I used to randomly listen to other students' views about him and his teaching methods. I was told time and again that he is a very tough and demanding teacher. Many told me that I will barely stand a chance to pass the course. Consequently I started to seriously consider dropping the course, but I decided to give myself a chance and try to form my own opinion of him as a teacher and his classes.

I started going to his classes. From the very beginning, just from the first day when he introduced himself to the students and the course syllabus, I had a very positive attitude toward him. I found out that he was a very good teacher, encouraging and that he was not tough at all. He was demanding to some extent tough. This in fact was the very reason why I decided to continue with this class since I could understand that he was a teacher who exhausts himself for the student's sake. In other words, he is ready to spend more time and exert more effort for his students only if they show willingness to learn and go beyond the course syllabus into the timelessly inspirational fountain of knowledge he will open up before them.


I decided to take the challenge and put an end to this deceitful and crippling worry and in no time, I developed an overwhelming interest in his classes. I used to come and listen with the utmost dedication and care, jotting down my notes and doing research at home.

I never thought of the exam or the course assessment because he simply never made me think about it. He does not evaluate his students by their exam results but by the level of dedication and interest they show during the class. No matter how badly one might do at the exam, he is ready to help and give them more and more opportunities to enhance their grades. In short, he will never let you down with regards to grades and course assessment if you don't let him down during the class.


The most important point is that after I finished this course and moved to second year, I started to realise how much lucky I was to be taught this course by Mr. Refaat. All of our group was just well prepared for second year courses and we surprised our teachers by how much we knew about literature. For example, if I failed to answer a question posed by Mr. Ayman, my mate will answer it just straight away. When we were asked about how we came to know the answer, we said that we were taught this by Mr Refaat before. 

This course is the basis upon which you will build up any literary knowledge you will have in the coming years. If you have this basis in place, you need not worry about taking classes with Dr. Ayman or Dr. Akram or whoever. If you work hard now, you will make things much more easier for yourselves in the three coming years. 

Be the masters of your own opinions. Do not let anyone makes decisions on your behalf just because they are not as intelligent and hard-working as you can be. Do not let anyone influence your decisions. Do not feel intimidated. Break the barriers. Reach out to Mr. Refaat and show him how competitive and competent you can be. Make friends with him. Challenge him in class. Articulate your own opinions. Never ever undermine your capacities to contribute in class. Never think that what you can add to the class discussion is not important. Just say whatever comes to your mind without hesitation. That is what he wants from you. And that is the way to get the grade you want from him. 

Best wishes,

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