Translation II

Final translation exam  


Translation II exam will include

1)      four small extracts to be translated into Arabic and English

2)      a long English passage taken from a political article to be translated into ARABIC

3)      translations of selected headlines to be edited

4)      a short Arabic news story to be translated into English.




Study the following translations of NEws Headlines and edit the ones that need modification.


Use the following terms in correct contexts then translate the sentences into Arabic



Arad, Gilad Missed or Missing?


News Stories II




translate into good Enlgish the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS




translate the articles in the following link into good Arabic






translate the following article

Gazas writing on the wall


For years, law enforcement agencies throughout the world have engaged in local crusades against what they regard as the scourge of graffiti.

New South Wales in Australia recently passed an anti-graffiti law that could see juvenile offenders jailed for up to 12 months. New York state has made it illegal to sell spray paint to anyone under 18, and Singapore has even physically canned graffiti artists as punishment.







Assignment No. 3


Choose 50 headlines from the web and translate them into good Arabic using the journalistic writing style we discussed in the class.


– I suggest the following websites, aljazeera english,,, or any English news website you like.

– Try to vary your sources and see how simsiliar/dissimilar styles can be.

– Deadline is 5/01 for male stds and 06/01 for female stds. Deadline is absolute.






News Stories




Read the following NEWS STORIES and translate them into good Arabic. REMEMBER to use the Arabic Journalistic style:




Translate the following Article into Arabic:







Read the Chapter one, I was not in the Mood, from Suad Amirys  “Sharon and my Mother-in-Law and translate FIVE passages you like into good Arabic paying attention to the irony and sarcasm used by the author.






Read the following Chapter, The Bridge, FRom M. Bargoutis renowned book I Saw Ramallah. Choose FOUR passages you like and translate them into good Arabic.

Mourid Barghouti, I Saw Ramallah,

The Bridge

It is very hot on the bridge. A drop of sweat slides from my forehead down to the frame of my spectacles, then the lens. A mist envelops what I see, what I expect, what I remember. The view here shimmers with scenes that span a lifetime; a lifetime spent trying to get here. Here I am, crossing the Jordan River. I hear the creak of the wood under my feet. On my left shoulder a small bag. I walk westward in a normal manner—or rather, a manner that appears normal. Behind me the world, ahead of me my world.

DOWNload chapter ONE from here





Harry potter extract:












Comment of the following Arabic translation

what do you think of the style? Does it convery the same ideas and styles? what are the thinkgs you want to change.

We Seek Forgiveness!

 English source text Written by:
 Mohammed Suliman

Arabic target Translated by: 
Waleed Abu Sultan





< READ the following sentences and then 1) practice writing sentences like them 2) translate them and what you come up with into Arabic


1) How to grow a sentence


 1) using participles

2) adverbials

3) a phrase starting with a possessive prounoun

4) a backtrack with a word from the base (kernel) then adding new info.

5) Prepositional phrase

6) Subordinator


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