Clothes and Identity in ‘Oliver Twist’

Read the 17 points below ad then discuss the following issue:

In ‘Oliver Twist’, clothes play an important role in the construction of identities.

  1. What we wear sometimes reflects who we are.
  2. What we wear does not necessarily reflect who we are.
  3. People tend to judge others by what they wear
  4. Clothes sometimes hide who/what we are.
  5. People often act/behave/think in a particular manner because of what they wear
  6. New clothes can’t change who we really are but sometimes change something in us.
  7. What we wear affects who we are sometimes

  1. Different social roles require different clothes

  1. Different occasions require different clothes

  1. Clothes can be attached to certain memories

  1. Certain kinds of clothes can give freedoms

  1. Certain kinds of clothes impose limitations

  1. Clothes might determine one’s class, religion, job, class, football team, favourite player…

  1. Clothes reflect ones age and psychology

  1. We might react differently to the same situation depending on what we are wearing.

  1. Certain clothes can win someone other’s sympathy.

  1. Sometimes clothes can help people to move from one class to another.

Can you add more ideas?

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