NEW REVIEW exercises 2

1.The musical comedy Oklahoma! did much to expand the potential of the musical stage, and it encouraged others to attempt……

(a)original themes

(b)to original themes

(c)that were original themes

(d)how original themes

2.Despite its fishlike form, the whale is……and will drown if submerged too long.

(a)an animal breathes air that

(b)an animal that breathes air

(c)an animal breathes air

(d)that an animal breathes air

3.The saguaro ,found in desert regions in the southwestern United States ,……cactus in the world.

(a)is the largest

(b)the largest

(c)that is the largest

(d)the largest that is a

4.It is said that United Stales literature……individuality and identity in the twentieth century, after long imitation of European models.

(a)was achieved


(c)to achieve


5.Lucy Stone ,……first feminists in the United States ,helped organize the American Woman Suffrage Association in 1869.

(a)the one

(b)who was the


(d)one of the

6…….,including climate, mineral content, and the permanency of surface water, wetlands may be mossy ,grassy , scrubby, or wooded.

(a)Depending on many factors

(b)Many factors depending on

(c)Factors depending on many

(d)On many factors depending

(7)Duke Ellington’s orchestra ,……his own often complex compositions, made many innovations in jazz.

(a)he played


(c)that it played

(d)was playing

(8)The term “ice age” refers to any of several periods of time when glaciers covered considerably more of Earth’s surface……

(a)as is today

(b)than today is

(c)than they do today

(d)that today

(9)From colonial times ,United States property owners agreed to tax themselves on the theory……directly from services that the government could provide.

(a)property owners benefited so that

(b)why property owners benefited

(c)that if property owners benefited

(d)that property owners benefited

(10)Helium is not flammable and ,next to hydrogen ,is……

(a)known the lightest gas

(b)lightest the known gas

(c)the lightest gas known

(d)the known gas lightest

(11)Wild eagles that survive to adulthood are believed……from 20 to 30 years.


(b)to live

(c)they live

(d)their living

(12)Portland,……,is located primarily on two hilly peninsulas overlooking Casco Bay and its many island.

(a)which Maine’s largest city

(b)Maine’s largest city where

(c)is Maine’s largest city

(d)Maine’s largest city

13…….widely used in the chemical industry, sodium carbonate is principally consumed by the glass industry.




(d)Except for

14.Cells,first identified by the early microscopists, began to be considered……in the nineteenth century.

(a)them as microcosm of living organisms

(b)the microcosm of living organisms

(c)the microcosm of living organisms to be

(d)as which ,the microcosm of living organisms

15.Like Jupiter, Saturn is a large ,gaseous planet composed……of hydrogen and helium.

(a)it is mostly



(d)both are almost

16?Bacterial cultures are used commercially in the preparation of food products such that yogurt ,sour cream ,and vinegar.

17.Anyone with absolute ,or perfect,pitch are able to identify by ear any note at some standard pitch or to sing a specified note at will.

18.Sea horses usually live along the shore among seaweed and other plants to which they cling to by their tails.

19.Babies have soft spots between the bones of their skulls ,which allowing for further growth.

20.T.S.Elot,who a poet ,playwright, literary critic ,and editor ,was a leader of the Modemist movement in poetry.

21.The Pacific Ocean comprises almost the entire boundary western of North and South America.

22?Established in 1948 ,the State University of New York is the singly largest university system in the United States.

23.Photography disseminates information about humanity and nature ,records the visible world, and extension human knowledge into areas the eye cannot penetrate.

24.Because of their rapidly changing economically fortunes, many frontier towns of the American West underwentspectacular fluctuations in population in the nineteenth century.

25.Virtually no disease exists today for which there is no drug that can be given ,neither to cure the disease or to alleviateits symptoms.

26.Calcium is essential for blood clotting ,for the action of certain enzymes, and for the normal contraction and relax of muscles.

27.The large collection of the Williams College Museum of Art includes ancient and medieval art ,but much exhibits aremodern or contemporary.

28.The technique of spectroscopy allows analyst of incoming light after it has been separated into its component wavelengths by passage through a prism.

29.Today ,fifty years after its construction ,the Alaska Highway conveys 40,000 vehicles in normal year.

30.Since prehistoric times ,artists (have been) arranged colors on surfaces (in ways) (that express) their ideas (about people) ,the world ,and religion.

31.(Few substances) look less (alike than) coal and diamonds ,yet both (are fashioned) (from same) elemental carbon.

32.Meteorologists can program their computes to scan for a specific set of weather criteria, such as falling barometric pressure ,increase cloud cover ,and rising humidity.

33.Obsidian is formed when siliceous lava cools too rapidly to crystallized into rock-forming minerals.

34.European settlers in North America moved from the Atlantic coast across 3,000 miles forests, grasslands, deserts, and mountains until they reached the Pacific Ocean.

35.Philosophy tries to discover the nature of true and knowledge and to find what is of basic value and importance in life.

36.In this world of high technology ,it is easy to forget that the most important tools ever developed for learning is still the book.

37.The element potassium makes up less than one half percentage of the human body.

38.Twenty thousand years ago a sheet of ice a thousand meters thick covered the coastal region which the cities ofVancouver and Juneau now are located.

39.The Crow ,Blackfoot ,and Sioux tribes traditionally adorned they dwellings and costumes with colorful and highly valued beaded decorations.

40.In the late 1800’s ,United States painter Thomas Eakins develop broad ,powerful Realist style that became almostexpressionistic in his later years.