New toefl Review

1. _________ explores the nature of guilt and responsibility and builds to a remarkable conclusion.
A. The written beautifully novel
B. The beautifully written novel
C. The novel beautifully written
D. The written novel beautifully
2. Over time the young students will perfect the art of piano playing. After all, such ________ needs delicate handling.
A. a tuned instrument finely
B. an instrument tuned finely
C. a finely instrument tuned
D. a finely tuned instrument

3. Honore de Balzac said “The errors of ________, from their faith in the good, or their confidence in the true”.
A. women spring, almost always
B. almost always, women spring
C. almost women, always spring
D. almost spring, always women
4. In that particular department of the company, production __________ day and night.
(A) going often keeps
(B) keeps often going
(C) keeps going often
(D) often keeps going
1. The causes of gamma-ray bursts throughout the universe, and how the gamma rays are actually produced, ________ until recently remained a mystery.
A. have
B. have been
C. has been
D. has

2. That the legal drinking age ________ lowered is a hot topic for debate in many states.
A. should have
B. which should
C. should be
D. should
3. Discovery of these ancient anthropic markings ________ our understanding of how these early humans interacted with their environment.
A. has broadened
B. have broadened
C. broaden
D. will have broadened

4. The rivalry between the two communities stems from ancient times and openly __________ to this day.
A. persist
B. which persist
C. persists
D. which persists

5. Despite the simplicity of their construction, the ancient systems ________ exhibit very complicated behavior.
A. find to
B. found to
C. are found to
D. were found to

1. In general, ________ have a professional obligation to protect confidential sources of information.
A. which journalists
B. journalists
C. journalists, they
D. journalists that

2. ________ of Elvis Presley is banned in seven different countries across the world.
A. The music is
B. That the music
C. The music which
D. The music

4. As was the case throughout the United States, __________ was subject to higher gas prices during the winter of 2002-2003.
A. for New York
B. for New York as well
C. New York which
D. New York
5. ________ in history caused as much shock and grief worldwide as the 2004 tsunami disaster in Asia.
A. None natural disaster
B. That natural disaster
C. No natural disaster
D. The natural disaster

1. Surprisingly cost was regarded __________ important factor in choosing a new cell phone by the three teenagers.
A as the least
B of the least
C in the least
D to the least

2. Maine’s coastline is a major attraction and a vista of sandy beaches contrasted ________ rockbound shoreline.
A to the rugged
B by the rugged
C on the rugged
D at the rugged
2. Before Johnson & Smith reached great heights in the business world, ______ encountered many great difficulties in promoting their theories and methods.
A. they
B. who
C. which
D. and

3. After the discovery of the abandoned getaway vehicle, ________ believed to be hiding in the nearby Riverside forest region.
A. that the bank robber is
B. the bank robber who
C. the bank robber is
D. the bank robber who is
4. A gifted scientist, Newton _______ some of the most fundamental laws in the history of science.
A. keeps discovering
B. who discovered
C. the discoverer of
D. discovered
5. George Washington once said that  _______ have virtue enough to withstand the highest bidder.
A. few men
B. the few men
C. few are the men
D. the men are few

1. __________ getting the highest result in the class, John still had problems with the teacher.
(A) Despite of
(B) In spite of
(C) Even though
(D) Nonetheless

2. _______ air is composed of about 78 percent nitrogen and only about 21 percent oxygen, is a little known fact on the streets.
A. How that
B. That
C. When
D. However
3. _______ he was seen to be an aggressive politician, he was a quiet and loving family man at home.
A. Although
B. Despite
C. In spite of
D. Nevertheless
4. _______ the variable drops by a unit of 1, the rank drops by X amount.
A. Why
B. Whenever
C. How
D. What

5. This method is widely used _______ algorithm is not only effective but also very simple.
A. because its
B. because it’s
C. it is because
D. because of its

1. This new service will be available to all users _______ up for paid membership.
A. that signed
B. that signed it
C. which signed
D. sign

2. That is a story of hardship _______ our own situation into perspective.
A. puts
B. it puts
C. that it puts
D. that puts

3. John Smith, _______ of economic crimes, tax evasion and fraud, is being accused of attempted murder now.
A. of that he was accused
B. that was accused
C. whom he was accused
D. who was accused

4. The process uses an innovative digital technology __________ the products with as many colors as the image contains.
(A) imprints
(B) that imprints it
(C) that imprints
(D) that it imprints

5. The police were greatly outnumbered by rioters, _______ ran into the hundreds.
A. whose figures
B. those figures
C. that its figures
D. its figures that

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