Review Exercises 3

1.  The difference between libel and slander is that libel is printed while__________.

(A)  spoken is slander          (B)          is spoken slander

(C)  is slander spoken          (D)          slander is spoken

2.  Great numbers of tiny shelled animals—–—on the ocean floor.

(A)  living (B)           live (C)                they will live (D)   if they lived

3.  The knee is the joint __________the thigh bone meets the large bone of the lower leg.

(A)  when (B)        where (C)               why (D)  which

4.  Closed plane figures like the square or the equilateral triangle can be grouped into a class __________polygons.

(A)  called (B)       to call (C)              is called (D)           call as

5.  Acids are chemical compounds that, in water solution, have __________, a corrosive action on metals, and the ability to turn certain blue vegetable dyes red.

(A)  tastes sharp (B)            sharp-tasting (C)  a sharp taste (D)  tasting sharp

6.  __________the history of the tough, strong-willed Nebraska farmer.

(A)  Not only is much of the history of Nebraska (B)   Although it is much of the history of Nebraska that is

(C)  It is much the history of Nebraska’s being (D)       Much of the history of Nebraska is

7.  Billie Holiday’s reputation as a great jazz-blues singer rests on her ability __________emotional depth to her songs.

(A)  be giving (B)  are given (C)         being given (D)     to give

8.  __________1895 did Cornell University begin to offer a degree in ornithology.

(A)  Not until (B)  Not since (C)         Until (D) In

9.  Uniform acceleration occurs __________the rate of change remains the same over successive and equal intervals of time.

(A)  according (B)                if (C)       with (D)  under

10.  People’s expectations for a higher standard of living increase __________.

(A)  conditions in their community improve (B)            since conditions in their improving community

(C)  conditions improve in their community (D)            as conditions in their community improve

11.  Essentially, a theory is an abstract, symbolic representation of __________reality.

(A)  what it is conceived (B)              that is conceived

(C)  what is conceived to be (D)        that is being conceived of

12.  All of the plants now raised on farms have been developed from plants __________wild.

(A)  once they grew (B)       they grew once (C)              that once grew (D)               once grew

13.  __________relatively costly, the diesel engine is highly efficient and needs servicing infrequently.

(A)  Even (B)        It is (C)   Even though (D)  There is

14.  __________images out of clay, stone, and metal.

(A)  The shaping of sculpture (B)     Sculpting the shapes (C)     To shape sculpture (D)       Sculptors shape

15.  __________dates from the end of the eighteenth century.

(A)  The modern circus (B)                That the modern circus

(C)  While the modern circus (D)      The modern circus that

16.  The boiled point of any liquid is determined by the pressure of the surrounding gases.

A                             B               C                         D

17.  The Ranger spacecraft it provided more than 17,000 pictures of the moon.

A                                   B                           C        D

18.  Many people who live in New York City thinks that life in a large city offers special advantages

A                                                 B             C                             D.

19.  The scientific revolution of the early 1900’s affected education by change the nature of

A                                                            B                                 C



20.  Meadowlarks are about the same size than robins, but they have heavier bodies, shorter tails,

A                            B                                           C

and longer bills.


21.  On May 20,1932, Amelia Earhart became the first woman fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

A                                                       B                          C                      D

22.  Translated into terms of psychological theory, association has been thought of as the basis of

A                                                                                                                   B

to learn, conditioning, and creative thinking.

C                                          D

23.  The Statue of Liberty was originally proposed in 1865 to commemoration the alliance of

A             B                                    C                       D

France with the American colonies during the American Revolution.

24.  Reptiles are widely distributed all over the world, but are much abundant in warm regions

A                                                           B

and are virtually absent beyond the tree line in the Arctic.

C                      D

25.  Alike light waves, microwaves may be reflected and concentrated.

A                B                               C                                   D

26.  Industrial buyers are responsible for supplying the goods and services that an organization

A                  B                     C

required for its operations.


27.  The most easiest process for mining gold is panning, which involves using a circular dish

A                                                                                         B                              C

with a small pocket at the bottom.


28.  Farm animals have been regardless by nearly all societies as a valuable economic resource.

A                              B                                                        C                             D

29.  Although it is any longer the big business that it was in the forties, radio continues to be a

A                                             B                                                C

medium of essential communication, especially at the local level.


30.  The field of dynamics in physics is concerned with a particle’s motion in relation to the

A                                        B               C

forces acting it.


31.  In the United States, both the federal and state governments have laws designed to guard

A                                                                                 B

consumers against deceptive advertise.

C                           D

32.  Gore Vidal has steadily pursue a literary career remarkable for its productivity, versatility,

A                          B          C

and unpredictability.


33.  When overall exports exceed imports, a country said to have a trade surplus.

A                           B                   C                           D

34.  Instructors at the school of American Ballet first examine a young applicant’s instep to see

A                                                                B                                                    C

whether it is pliant and shows promising of a good arch.


35.  Anthropologists agree that our primitive ancestors who inhabited the tropics probably have

A                               B                                                                    C

natural protection against the sun.


36.  Behavior modification techniques work best with problems that manifest itself in overt

A                    B                                                   C



37.  Because they are generally taken simply to obtain a recognizable and relatively clear image,

A                                                      B                                    C

most nonprofessional photographs demand few equipment.


38.  At birth, an infant exhibits a remarkable number of motor response.

A                              B                  C                                          D

39.  Common to North America, those cinnamon fern is found in wet places.

A                                        B                                 C               D

40.  The origins of the Democratic party is often traced to the coalition formed behind Thomas

A                 B                                 C

Jefferson in the 1790’s to resist the policies of George Washington’s administration.