REVIEW exercises 4

1 .Hanya Holm is a doctor, choreographer, and —.

?A?dance that she teaches ?B?her teaching of dance

?C?to teach dancing ?D?dance teacher

2. During an eclipse of the Sun, — in the shadow of the Moon.

?A?the Earth lies ?B?the Earth when lying ?C?that the Earth lies ?D?the lying Earth

3. Under the influence of Ezra Pound, Hilda Doolittle became associated with the Imagists and — into one of the most original poets of the group.

?A?developed ?B?to be developed ?C?who developing ?D?developing it

4. — all rainwater falling from a cloud reaches the ground; some of it is lost through evaporation.

?A?Nowhere ?B?Not ?C?No ?D?None

5. In an area first explored by Samuel de Champlain, — .

?A?establishment of the city of Halifax in 1749

?B?in 1749 the city of Halifax established

?C?in 1749,establishing the city of Halifax

?D?the city of Halifax was established in 1749

6. A nation’s merchant marine is made up of its commercial ships and the people — them.

?A?they operate ?B?who operate ?C?they operate of ?D?do they operate

7 — Nat Turner who led a revolt against slavery in Virginia in 1831.

?A?Where was ?B?It was ?C?He was ?D?That he was

8. The most elaborate of all bird nests —,domed communal structure built by

social weaverbirds.

?A?larger ?B?largely is ?C?the large ?D?is the large

9. William Walker’s mural, “ Wall of Respect”, — an outdoor wall in Chicago, deals

with social issues.

?A?covers ?B?covers it ?C?which covers ?D?which it covers

10. Studies of the gravity field of the Earth indicate — yield when unusual weight is

placed on them.

?A?although its crust and mantle ?B?its crust and mantle to ?C?that its crust and mantle

?D?for its crust and mantle to

11. The columbine flower, — to nearly all of the United States, can be raised from seed

in almost any garden.

?A?native ?B?how native is ?C?how native is it ?D?is native

12. The photoperiodic response of algae actually depends on the duration of darkness, — .

?A?the light is not on ?B?and not on light ?C?but is not on the light ?D?is not on light

13. —, the first Black denomination in the United States.

(A) Richard Allen founded the African Methodist Episcopal Church

(B) Richard Allen, who founded the African Methodist Episcopal Church

(C) The African Methodist Episcopal Church founded by Richard Allen

(D) The foundation of the African Methodist Episcopal Church by Richard Allen

14. The annual worth of Utah’s manufacturing is greater than — .

(A) that of its mining and farming combined

(B) mining and farming combination

(C) that mining and farming combined

(D) of its combination mining and farming

15. The wallflower — because its weak stems often grow on walls and along stony cliffs for support.

(A) so called is (B) so is called (C) is so called (D) called is so

16 The tongue is capable of many motions and configurations and plays a vital role in chewing, swallowed, and speaking.

17. Instead of being housed in one central bank in Washington, D.C, the Federal Reserve system is division into twelve districts.

18. Philodendrons of various kinds are cultivated for their beautifully foliage.

19. Kiwi birds mainly eat insects, worms, and snails and to search for their food by probing the ground with their long bills.

20. William Penn founded the city of Philadelphia in 1682, and he quickly grew to be the largest city in colonial America.

21. Fewer people reside in Newfoundland than in other any Canadian province except Prince Edward Island.

22. Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, the founder of Bethune-Cookman college, served as advice to both Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Harry Truman.

23. Some plant produce irritating poisons that can affect a person even if he or she merely brushes against them.

24. The rotation of the Earth on its axis is responsible the alternation of periods of light and darkness.

25. Anne Elizabeth McDowell is best remembered for a weekly journal, Woman’s Advocate, who she launched in January 1855.

26. In every society there are norms that say individuals how they are supposed to behave.

27. An erupting volcano or an earthquakes sometimes affected the featured of the surrounding region and can even cause lakes to disappear.

28. Most tree frogs change color to harmonize with its background.

29. Due to the refraction of light rays, this is impossible for the naked eye to determine the exact location of a star close to horizon.

30. Modern poets have experimented with poetic devices such alliteration and assonance.

31. Birds eggs vary greatly of size, shape, and color.

32. Social reformer Frederick Douglass dedicated his life to working for the abolish of slavery and the fight for civil rights.

33. Mount Edith Cavell, a peak in the Canadian Rockies, is named after a famous nurses.

34. Xanthines have both good and bad effect on the body, and these effects are generally determined on the size and regularity of dosage.

35. When a severe ankle injury forced herself to give up reporting in 1926, Margaret Mitchell began writing her novel Gone with the wind.

36. One of the most difficult problems in understanding sleep is determining what the functions of sleep is.

37. The Millicent Rogers Museum houses five thousands pieces of Hispanic and American India jewelry, textiles, and other objects documenting the vibrancy of these cultures.

38. Seven of planets rotate in the same direction as their orbital motions, while Venus and Uranus rotate in the opposite direction.

39. In the United States voters election representatives to the national legislature, which consists of the House of Representatives and Senate.

40 It is the interaction between people, rather than the events that occur in their lives that are the main focus of social psychology.