Review exercises 5

  1. Jimmy Connors, well-known tennis champion, is supposed ———- that he did not want to participate in all the tournaments once he had reached forty.

(A) has said (B) he says (C) to have said  (D) saying

2. The month is not a suitable unit of measure for determining the seasons ——– the seasons are a solar, not a lunar phenomenon.

(A)   in order that (B) since(C) while(D) in view of

3. Charles Schulz’s comic strip, “Peanuts,” features children who make ____ about life.

(A)   funny, wise statement that (B) which funny, wise statements (C) statements are funny but wise (D) funny but wise statements

4. Classic American novel ‘Moby Dick’____ an account of the conflict between human beings and their fate.

A)may be regarded as (B.) as may be regarded (C.) regarded as may be (D.) regarded may as be

5. Duke Ellington was a composer, conductor, and pianist — ranked as one of the greatest of all jazz figures.

(A)   him (B) although (C) or (D) who

6. The position of the larynx, or voice box, in the neck determines —, swallows, and vocalizes.

(A) an animal, how does one breathe (B) how an animal breathes

(C) an animal breathes, how one (D) how does an animal breathe

7. The decimal numeral system is one of the _____ ways of expressing numbers.

(A) useful most world’s (B) world’s most useful (C) useful world’s most

(D) most world’s useful

8.______________appears considerably larger at the horizon than it does overhead is merely an optical illusion.

(a)The Moon (b) That the Moon (c)Where the Moon (d)The Moon is

9. Never before _____ as rapidly, as during the last three decades.

(a)communications have developed (b). have communications developed

(c) have developed communications (d) have been communications developed.

10. ________ his critical injury in January, 1977 , John Patt continued to play rugby for the national team.

(a)Despite(b)Though(c)Because(d)Even though

11. Wild strawberries are _______________cultivated strawberries.

(A)not sweeter (B) not as sweet as (C) less sweeter than (D) not sweet as

12. Geometry is the branch of mathematics __________________ the properties of lines, curves, shapes, and surfaces.

(A)   that concerned with (B) it is concerned with (C) concerned with (D) its concerns are

13. Just as remote-controlled satellites can be employed to explore outer space, _______employed to investigate the deep sea.
(A) can be robots (B) robots can be (C) can robots (D) can robots that are

14. Pewter, _______ for eating and drinking utensils in colonial America, is about ninety percent tin, which copper or bismuth added for hardness.
(A) was widely used  (B) widely used it (C) widely used (D) which widely used

15. The Woolworth Building in New York was the highest in America when _______ in 1943 and was famous for its use of Gothic
decorative detail.
(A) built (B) it built (C) was built(D) built it

16. The cultures early of the genus Homo were generally distinguished by regular use of stone tools and by a hunting and gathering economy.

17.  By 1850, immigration from distance shores, as well as migration from the countryside, had caused New York City’s population to swell.
Considered one of America’s greatest playwrights, Eugene O’Neill win the Novel Prize for literature in 1936.

18.  All living things are made up of one or more cells, and each of these cells were produced by an already existing cell.

19.  . It is believed that some dinosaurs were intelligent, ability to perform complex activities, and perhaps even capable of social behavior.

20.  The greatest natural resource of the state of North Dakota is their fertile farmland.

21.  The energy needed for animal grow is derived primarily from carbohydrates and fats.

22.   Alike an insect, the crustacean is an arthropod, an animal with jointed legs and an exoskeleton, a supportive covering for its body.

23.  A paragraph is a portion of a text consists of one or more sentences related to the same idea.

24.  Pop Art was a movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s whom imagery was based on readily recognized American products and people.

25.  Martin Luther King Jr.’s magnificent speaking ability enabling him to effectively express the demands for social justice for Black Americans.

26.  A production planning system is essential (a)to ensure that a company’s processes, machinery, equipment, (b) labour skills and material are (c) organized efficient (d) for better profitability.

27.  Two basic technologies have been (a) responsible of (b) the development of the necessary hardware: integrated circuits and digital (c)communications.

28.  The environmental-control systems, which (a) including the heating, (b) ventilating, air conditioning, (c) lighting, and acoustical systems worth more than (d) €l.l trillion.

29.  The Romans built roads of layers of broken stones of various (a) sizes and covered (b) it (c)with flat stones.

30.  Qualitative research uses (a)open-ended interviewing to (b)explore, understand (c)and to predict the attitudes, opinions, feelings and behaviour of (d)customers.

31.  X rays have A important applications B , not only in medicine and C in industry D

32.  Mold is extremely A destruction B to books C in a library D

33.  Minerals in A seawater exists B in the same proportions C in all of the oceans of the D world.

34.  Medical students must to study A both B the theory C and the practice of medicine D

35.  Exactly A when was the wheel B invented C is not D known.

36.  Although A geologists have a clearly B understanding of why earthquakes occur C , they cannot reliably predict when they will D take place.

37.  Snakebirds were not given A their name because they B eat snakes, but C because of D their long, slender necks resemble snakes.

  1. Dolphins lack A vocal cords but they have a large, oil-filled B organ called the “melon,” which with C they can D produce a variety of sounds
  2. There A are many species B of plants and animals that they C are peculiar to D Hawaii


Question ONE:

1-     The president (won- he won- yesterday- fortunately) the election by a landslide.

2-     When (the doctor attended- did the doctor attended- did the doctor attend- the doctor will attend)?

3-     The North Pole (it has/ is having/ which is having/has) a latitude of 90 degrees north.

4-     The city of Beverly Hills is surrounded on (its sides/the sides are/it is the side of/all sides by) the city of Los Angeles.

5-     (The/ The fastest/ The fastest dog/ The fastest dog, the) greyhound, can achieve speeds up to thirty-six miles per hour.

6-      Marmots spend their times foraging among meadow plants and flowers or (gets suns/ sunning/ the sun/ the sunny) on rocket cliffs.

7-     The greenhouse effect occurs (when does the Earth’s atmosphere trap/ does the Earth’s atmosphere trap/when the Earth’s atmosphere traps/the Earth’s atmosphere traps) heat radiated from the Sun.

8-     The Rose Bowl, (takes/ it takes/ which takes/took) place on New Year’s Day, is the oldest postseason collegiate football game in the United States.

9-     Experiment (using gene therapy/ use gene therapy/ they use/ gene therapy uses)represent a giant step into medicine of the future.

10- (While some types of coral reefs/ some types of coral reefs/There are many types of coral reefs/Coral reefs) off Hawaiian coastline are living, others are dead.

11- Some economists now suggest that home equity loans are merely a new trap to push consumers beyond (they can afford/they can afforest it/what is affordable/able to afford)

12- People who reverse the letters of words (when trying / if they tried/when tried/if he tries) to read suffer from dyslexia.

13- Rubber (is produced/producing/that produces/produced) from vulcanized silicones with a high molecular weight is difficult to distinguish from natural rubber.

14- (The Moon is/ That the Moon/When the Moon/The Moon) appears considerably larger at the horizon that it does overhead is merely an optical illusion.

15- According to the World Health Organisation, (were/they were/there were/were they) any of the six most dangerous diseases to break out, it could be cause for quarantine.

16- The A four string B on a violin are C tuned D.

17- The research A for the B book ‘Roots’ taking C Alex Haley twelve years D

18- On the floor A of the Pacific Ocean is B hundreds of flat-topped C mountains  more than D a mile beneath sea level.

19- Killer whales tend A to wander B in family clusters, play, and resting C together D.

20- The community A of Bethesda, Maryland, was previous B known C as D Darcy’s Store.