Toelf exercies 4

1.__of pottery is dependent on the durability of clay after firing.

(A)To make

(B)The making

(C)When to make

(D)It is making

2.The Arctic fox is found throughout the Arctic , usually on tundra or mountains __ the sea.

(A) by which near

(B) near of

(C) because near

(D) near

3.The midge, __ to any of several species of small flies, refers to a mosquito-like insect with slender wings and body, long legs, and antennae.

(A)which a term applied

(B)a term applied

(C)is a term applied

(D)applied a term

4. The face is the most __ of a human being.

(A)part is distinctly

(B)distinction in part

(C)distinctive part

(D)part of distinction

5.The fluoroscope makes __ for medical doctors to view a silhouette of the bones and internal organs of a patient’s body.

(A)being possible


(C)it is possible

(D)it possible

7.The second-oldest continuously occupied governor’s mansion in the United States __ Jackson, Mississippi.

(A) the location in

(B) is the location

(C) is located in

(D) located in

8.A television camera produces an image by convening __ receives into a series of bright and dark dots.

(A) and it

(B) it

(C) what it

(D) that it

9.In so-called nonfiction novels, a documentary style is combined with fictional techniques __actual events and people.

(A)that they describe

(B)to describe

(C)and in describing

(D)are describing

10.Managers often receive considerable training in the “technical” aspects of their jobs __ very little in the “people management” aspects.


(B)just as


(D)and that

11.Though a respected educator, Alexander Graham Bell __ the inventor of the telephone.

(A)as is best known

(B)best known as is

(C)is best known as

(D)best is known as

12. Not until the First World War __ to improve the road system in the United States.

(A)a determined effort was made

(B)made a determined effort

(C)when a determined effort was made

(D)was a determined effort made

13. Often invisible, always in motion, gas is __ of matter.

(A)the state is most energetic

(B)stating the most energetic

(C)the most energetic state

(D)the state that most energetic

14. Some fish have whiskers, which are sensory organs used for touching and tasting,

A                                               B

and which are helpful when are they searching for food in sand and mud.

C            D

15.Cement is produced commercially by to heat a mixture of limestone and clay

A          B

in a large, slowly rotating cylindrical furnace.

C           D

16.In addition to appropriating the subject matter of mass culture, the pop art movement

A               B

of the 1950’s utilized various technique of mass production.

C              D

17. Practical problems limit the ability of astronomers to determine the mass

A                      B

of asteroids, who are small planetary bodied orbiting the Sun.

C                           D

18.An accomplished saxophonist and composer, John Coltrane begun his career playing

A                     B           C

in the big bands of the early 1950’s.


19.Bacteria and similar one-celled organisms reproduce by cell division, each of the daughter


cell then beginning a new life as a distinct organism.

B         C             D

20.Many species of birds that breed in temperate latitudes often show particular patterns

A        B                                   C

of migration while the year.


21.Quebec, the most oldest city in Canada, lies on the north bank of the St. Lawrence

A         B        C                   D


22.Because of the need to maintain the correct balance of salts and minerals in the water,

A                                       B

keeping saltwater fish in aquariums requires more work that keeping freshwater fish.

C                                             D

23. Addressing themes that were unique American, the poet Walt Whitman celebrated

A                      B                                    C

the lives of ordinary people.


24.Many museums have been founded by private benefactors, and a few have received

A                                 B

endowments that help to support theirs routine operations.

C                D

25. Painters have been portraying the sea for centuries, and in the United States a

A                                B

rich tradition of marine painting been developed during the nineteenth century.

C                        D

26.The city of Memphis, Tennessee, was a important Confederate military center during

A                           B

the American Civil War and served as the temporary state capital in 1862.

C           D

27. Although all sedimentary rocks contain iron, but the deposits that are richest in iron

A            B

consist predominantly of minerals such as iron oxides, carbonates, silicates, and sulfides.

C                            D

28.The Atlantic cable, which began to operating in 1866,linked the United States to London


and to another cable stretching eastward to India and beyond.

B             C                      D

29. Many folk songs were originated to accompany manual work or to mark a

A                                 B         C

specific ceremonies.


30.The shell of the abalone, a marine snail, is especially suited by its hardness and

A                               B

various of colors for the manufacture of jewelry.

C           D

31.Geraldine Farrar, who debuted as an opera singer in 1901,later appeared both on

A            B                                 C

stage and in several silent film.


32.The migration of African Americans from the rural South to the industrial North in


the early 1900’s were the biggest internal migration in American history.

B           C          D

33.Searching for alternate forms of energy does not necessary mean the abandonment

A                             B               C

of fossil fuels as an energy source.


34. The flamingo constructs a cylindrical mud nest for its egg, which both parents

A              B                          C

care for it.


35. Metaphysical philosophy is concerned with the principles, structures, and

A          B

meaningful that underlie all observable reality.

C                               D

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