Shakespeare Q&A

Shakespeare Q&A


Comment on 10 of the  following issues/questions using Paragraph formats:


1) Edward Said's reading of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' transcends the idea of romance. 

2) Why do many jews take describe Shakespeare as anti-Semitic? Do you agree?

3) Who do you sympathise with more? Shylock or Othello? Why?

4) Shakespeare's drama was mainly written in verse, but sometimes he uses prose. 

5) Do you agree that Hamlet can be a typical Palestinian guy? How?

6) To what extent was William Shakespeare a reformer? 

7) Shakespeare's tragedies depend heavily on "foreshadowing". How? Give examples from either 'Hamlet' or 'Macbeth' or both.

8 ) How does Shakespeare engage the audience in his plays?

9) Is Shakespeare a feminist or anti-feminist? 

10 ) Shakespeare's plays might mean different things to different readers or in different ages. 

11) Do you think 'The Merchant of Venice' means the same thing to us (Palestinians) as it does to the Jews? Why?

12) Do you think 'Othello' means to black people and Muslims the same it did to Christians at the time of Shakespeare?

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