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نوفمبر 16th, 2015


Ramadan Al-Omari



Ramadan Al-Omari has over 45 years of experience in training and finance. Mr. Al-Omari started his career with the United Nations in September 1969 as an instructor of Accounting at the Kalandia Training Centre in West Bank, which is run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).  In March 1977, he moved to Kuwait where he took the job of Training Supervisor that made him responsible for management and financial training in Kuwait Oil Company, the largest oil producing company in the country.  


In August 1984, Mr. Al-Omari rejoined UNRWA as a local staff member to hold the post of Claims Examination Officer in the Gaza Field Finance Department.  He progressed within UNRWA Finance Department until he took his first P-4 international appointment in November 1994 when he became the Agency’s Deputy Chief Accounts Division in UNRWA’s Finance Department at its Headquarters in Vienna where he served for some eight years.  In 1996 UNRWA headquarters were moved to the area of operations where the HQ functions were relocated to Gaza Strip.  Later in 2005 he was transferred to UNRWA’s headquarters in Amman, Jordan.  He remained based there until his retirement in December 2009.  During his last 25 years of service with UNRWA, Mr. Al-Omari has grown up in the ranks within its Finance Department when in November 2001 he became the head of the Department holding the title Comptroller at the D-1 level.


During his last 25 years of service with UNRWA, Mr. Al-Omari has undertaken a number of posts within the Finance Department that made him responsible for the preparation of the Agency’s biennial financial statements and the maintenance of its accounts.  During his service as the Chief, Accounts Division a new Financial Management System was installed for which he held primary role in the implementation of the new system.  During his service as the Agency’s Chief Budget Division, Mr. Al-Omari was directly responsible for a total annual budget of some one billion dollars distributed between UNRWA’s general fund, projects and emergency appeals budgets.  In his capacity as the Agency’s Comptroller, he was responsible for Budget Division, Accounts Divisions and Treasury Division in addition to supervising the management of a one billion dollars portfolio for the Local Staff Provident Fund. 


On 1 December 2009, Mr. Al-Omari retired from the United Nations service leaving behind forty years of full time salaried employment.  Since his retirement, Mr. Al-Omari has been working as a lecturer of Accounting and Financial Management at the Gaza Islamic University’s Faculty of Commerce.  He also served as a part time lecturer in the Management and Politics Academy for post graduate studies in Gaza.


Mr. Al-Omari holds a PhD degree (distance learning) from Ashwood University in California, USA, a Master’s degree in Accounting and Consultancy from Northampton University, UK, a BSc degree in Accounting from Ain-Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, in addition to holding the title of FCCA as a fellow member of the UK Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

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