CLIMB Data Base

Geo-data Management

Collected data from Gaza site was so fragmented. The data was verified using spatial distribution software (ArcGIS 10, Erdas 2011, Surfer 9, Argus One) and temporal distribution software (Ms Excel and Ms Access). IUG staff had developed the CLIMB DATA BASE related to Gaza study site in cooperation with the project’s partners as follows:


1.       Topography: Date is available in MS. Excel files and GIS maps.

2.       Soil Data: (Soil types): Updated this information was based on satellite images, field survey and laboratory analysis.

3.       Land use and land Cover: updated information and map are available based on recent Remote Sensing data 2004 and 2010.

4.       Agro-meteorological indicators (climatic data and weather information)

5.       Climate Data: (precipitation, Wind, Evapo-transpiration, Humidity, Solar radiation): data is available for the last 15 years.   

6.       Weather information (weather Temperatures and rainfall): data for the last 20 years are available from the meteorological stations in Gaza.

7.       Socio economic information as well as the field analytical sampling methods and protocols.

8.       Hydrological and Geological setting: (the sub aquifer layers and depths).

9.       History of water and soil management: some data is available the team is working to update this information.

10.     Groundwater hydrogeology: (the groundwater (source, flow direction) the groundwater quality, recharge, abstraction, wells and types of the wells).



Data Arrangement & Data Base Build-up