Water Resources Planning and Management

Final Exam is Wednesday 24/5, 12 am, as scheduled 

It is a Closed Book Exam

I expect you to know all basic definisions and terminologies used or explained in the lectures (the main concept not the exact wordings)

also you should know the basic/simple equations that may be used for assessment, pridictions, economics etc

you may perform some simple calculations

all power points are included

papers and articles details NOT included

Good Luck  


Water Laws-Policies and Regulations

lecture 5

lecture 6

MCA – 2


Lecture 2a

lecturess 3,4

lecture 2- WRM – Analytical Framework (chapter 13, Louke)

chapter 1 – WRM – General (reference, chapter 1, Louke)

lecture 1-2012-Concept WRM-1

Outline Water RM-MSC01-

WRM who should lead who should pay1

02- Non priced water conservation programs as a demand management tool

03- science and policy in integrated watershed management a case study

04- A participatory approach to watershed management the Brazilian system

07Mukheibir Water Northern Cape