Course outlines, Statistical physics, Phys 3375


Course Outline

Islamic University of Gaza                                  Physics Department


Name of instructor: Prof.Dr. Mohmmed M. Shabat

Name of the course: Statistical physics

Postgraduate studies: First degree in physics

Number of the course credit hours: 3 hours

Prerequisites: Introduction to Statistical physics, Heat and thermodynamics

Method of Evaluation:

Quizzes and activities                    15%

Assignments                               10%

Midterm exam.                           25%

Final Exam.                                   50%



Unit – 1


Review of the basic principles of Thermodynamics, First Law, work, heat, heat capacity, Second Law,  Third law, Entropy. Statistics and Probabilities.




Microstates and Macrostates, foundation of statistical physics or mechanics.


Unit 3


The Boltzmann distribution applied to gases gives rise to a speed distribution known as the Maxwell–Boltzmann distribution.


Unit 4

Statistics of ensembles, statistics of indistinguishable particles, Maxwell — Boltzmann, Fermi Dirac and Bose- Einstein statistics, properties of ideal Bose gases, Bose. Einstein condensation, properties of ideal Fermi gas, electron gas in metals, Boltzmann transport equation.

Unit 5

This unit contains a short project covering one of the above subject.

 The students have to present their works at the end of the semester.

Learning Outcomes :

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

Describe the state of a quantum mechanical system in a number of


Derive the distribution function for Maxwell – Boltzmann distribution

Apply Maxwell’s velocity distribution

Calculate canonical partition functions for simple systems

Apply Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac distribution functions

Canonical Ensembles and Grand Canonical Ensembles..

Text Books and reference book:

  1. S. J. Blundell and K.M. Blundell, Concepts in Thermal  Physics, Oxford University Press, U.K.,  2006
  2. A J Pointon. Introduction to Statistical Physics For Students
  3. R K Pathria, Statistical Mechanics,
  4. F Reif , Statistical and thermal Physics