Sociolinguistics 2016


 This course is for the master degree students

my latest lecture on transaltion

Cultural problems in translation 23/10/2017

Chapter 1

Chapter-01 -What do sociolinguistis study


presentation_sociolinguistics VIP

course outline of Sociolinguistics


chapter 2 Languages+Dialects+Varieties

bills 7 criteria of standerization


– chapter3 Ethnicity&SocialNetworks

social class chapter3

chapter 4

Bilingualism-and-Code switching VIP

Code swiching

code swiching

Diglossia 1

diglossia and bilingualism


Arabic diglossia

General questions on sociolinguistics


—Pidgins-and-Creoles 2

pidgins- creole

introduction to sociolinguistics NOU

Chapter 6

regional variation1



General questions on the whole course

General questions on sociolinguistics 2

Chapter 7

‏‏style context and register VIP

– نسخة style-context-and-register VIP2

StyleContextRegister-VIP 3

chapter 8


– نسخة Definition of Gossip

‏‏Language, gender, and sexuality

– نسخة Speech Functions PolitenessCross-Cultural Communication VIP

Wardhaugh gender VIP


Some example pappers

Mona Al Najjar -Code Switching ppp

Mona Al Najjar -Code Switching research paper

General questions with hnts for answers

Defferantiate between dialecte and un patois

Quizes and questions on sociolinguistics 2019


gender differences