Syntax& Semantics 2019

my presentation to the symposiam

the Paradox of translating the untranslatable

Course-outline-of-syntax-semantics 2018

lect 1 Universal-grammar presentation

Syntax chapter 1

chapter 2

synatx ch.3 Syntax

Drills on Theta theory

weak crossover

Weak Crossover Prof Walid

weak crossover

genral questions 2018


chapter 5

chapter 6

~$chapter 1 semantics

Chapter 2 Language in use

chapter 2 Prosody and Non- Verbal Communication

Chapter 3


homonymyand polosemy


Sense Relations


General exercise on X-bar and case theory  

chapter 5


Referring Expression

Conda Liza

Endophora new

Endophora 2

types of anaphora

Layers of Meaning

general exam of syntax

Exercise on denotation and connotation 

Chapter 7

2 Intension and Extension 11

3 diffrent ways referring

5 deixis  

kinds of Referents

Referents and referring expressions

anaphora in English and Arabic 

anaphora one

anaphora presentation

types of anaphora PDF  

Ambiguity in literature  

Cohesion and coherence 

General questions on semantics. 19/5/2019

additional semantic questions 2019

Answer the following questions:

1- English is AGRSP language while Arabic is TP language. Do you agree? why?

2- VSO is the canonical word order of Arabic. Prove!

3- Why does English have one word order while Arabic is of five word orders?

4- What is the syntactic judgment of the argument "zayd" in a sentence like: Zaydun kataba d-darsa? and why?


Please find the following attached files on ambiguity, anaphora and intension and extension

Exercise 1 ambiguity

anaphora presentation

intension and extension

exercises on x-theory 1

Ambiguity. in literature