Graduation Projects

Accomplished graduation projects (under my supervision)


– A Cross-platform Widget for Twitter social Media network 06/2017

By: Osama Gabriel, Jihad Bahar, Wisam Aabd & Husain Al Bayok


Social Dashboards become important trick to improve the social network experience to minimize the time, effort and maximize the gain. Social widget is a light weight application which is focusing on minimizing the consumed resources. Widget is an important part of the computer applications as it considered one of the smart solutions. Also some people build widget to experience personalization due to its versatility and evolution of programming. In the other hand, developers pick it out as a way to build utility to serve many users.
Today trends, life style never wait and smart solution is needed. This project is a breakthrough the crowded data available for the user. Customization, enhancement and utilization are our working ground. Project is heavily focused on improvement of the overall performance and experience. Minimization without discarding critical part is required and requested by many users. Also its cross-platform application for user convenience. In this report we explain the developed Cross-platform widget for Twitter social network , also we present our evaluationa and validation of the widget which was accepted by a large number of target users.


– League of Legends Social Cross-Server Network, 06/2016

By: Ahmed Al Safadi, Mohamed Awad, Akram Abdelrahman


This project presents the process of making a social medium for the league of legends players to allow them to connect, learn and contribute to the process of evolving the game. Our project is not just a social network, it’s a seeded collaborative learning environment that can be applied to a wide variety of gamming communities, enabling those communities to learn, evolve and contribute to their games as well . We chose the RUP (rational uniform process) as a methodology for the development of the project ensuring that each feature that goes in development would have its own revision as a milestone towards the completion of the whole project. This project we present is only what is known to be an MVP (minimum value product) of the bigger and wider echo system for serving gamming communities needs to connect and evolve in a much consistent manner. The project we made is a social network with statistical data shown about user gamming accounts and a raw API (application programming interface) to extract that data for a good use 


– Palestine Guide in Swift programming language (Pal Guide) 06/2016
By: Moawia Maghari, Waleed Sisalem, Ahmed Latifa, Mohamoud Alashqar
Technology is present in almost every simple aspect of people’s daily life. As an instance, let us refer to the smart phone, smart phones appeared with their elegant, easy, exciting touch functionality, and good for display, run, and storage multimedia like video, audio and photo. Many of the community members have these smart phones, so by exploiting these features of smart phones we can make life easy and enjoyable.

Nowadays multiplied smart phone applications up to become one of the basic needs of people, apps are serving varied and different areas such as: the field of tourism and travel, management, economics, education, health, agriculture, security, sports and news.

The motivation of the project is the first project on the level of Palestine and the Gaza Strip in particular, in addition, aspire to improve the level of tourism within the country and to provide accurate information about Palestine and Gaza in particular, became smart phones deployed with each person, whether tourists or not, so our project will work on smart phones for easy access to a larger number of people.

In our application, we aim to exploit smart phones to assist people to identify the archaeological and trading sites in Palestine, provide users accurate, correct and undistorted information for Palestine, it also allows for people to express their opinions and to vote and comment on the places.

In this project report presents analysis and design, implementation and testing for Palestine Guide.

First, we will provide a brief introduction about the importance of the subject of tourism and archaeological sites in introduction, after that we state the problem identification and how the system is going to solve it, showing the main objectives of the system particularly and generally, after that we discuss the Software Development Methodology that will be used during our development of the system, and we show in this document the reasons for choosing this development methodology, then, we discuss the tools, equipment and methods that are needed for this project to be well developed, finally, we are discussing testing application and repair any problem in application.


– Voice Command To Control The Computer 06/2016
By: Nour Mohamed Dolah, Nesreen Atef Alhasanat, Samah Ziad Abudaia, Tasneem Abo Rass 


Speech recognition technology is one from the fastest growing engineering
technologies. It has a number of applications in different areas and provides potential benefits. Especially for people with specific needs (People with disabilities, children, Poor visibility).
Nearly 20% people of the world are suffering from various disabilities; many of them are blind or unable to use their hands effectively. The speech recognition systems in those particular cases provide a significant help to them, so that they can benefit from information with people by operating computer through voice input.
This project is developed in the context of the previous brief paragraph; however
our aim is to achieve a development of a software (app/tool) that provide such voice command services.

Our application is capable to recognize the speech by English Language and convert the input audio into text; it also enables a user to perform operations such as “open, close, search” a file by providing voice input. It also helps the user to open different system software such as opening MS paint, notepad and calculator [1].
At the initial level effort is made to provide help for basic operations as discussed
above, but the software can further be updated and enhanced in order to cover more operations.


– Just Order – Delivery Management System, 06/2015

By: Medhat Elkord, Abdalallah Alwadia, Omar Habeeb, Yaser Kuhail, Abdelrahman AbuOun


            New Smart phones applications, open new prospect to solve many problems in our life, and make us able to do our daily tasks faster and easier.

The 'Delivery' is a new service show up in the last years, to meet the human need to save time and shortest the distance between the consumer and producer. However, there is still a gap between this service and new technological development.

Our Project came to decrease this gap, and utilize the mobile applications in increase the flexibility of delivery process and help the consumer to avoid many of the recurring problems like knowing the available items and products, and knowing the total price before confirm the orders, and help the delivery service providers to find the consumer location and manage the orders via the computerized system.

We will build an integrated distributed system that consists of mobile application for consumers make them utilize the advantages of smart phone like GPS, internet access and the mobility features to able to view the products and send their orders, and a web-based version that consumers can use it as the mobile application and it will provide a control panel for the products and delivery services provider to manage the orders


,Web Based System For Faculty Of Information Technology Alumni 06/2015 – 

By: Maha El Bnana, Heba _qarout, Yara abu_daff, Hla zourob

Alumni are one of the most important assets to any university. They are the people who represent the university in the real world. . these networks slowly gained added importance in the development of the universities because of their enormous outreach potential that benefits the university and helps current students in their career paths. The alumni groups have been in existence for decades and they are constantly changing with time. There have been very big changes in the recent years with the development of the internet and social networking that forces the alumni system to undergo huge changes.
Therefore, it is really important for universities to focus on the alumni networks and find ways to enhance their growth and development


– Web-Based Information System For Public Social Organizations in Gaza Strip.06/2015

By: Ahmed E. Madhoun, Moamen F. Ayyad, Abdullatif M. Abdou 


During the last decade Gaza Strip has faced a lot of crises and dramatic conflicts. However, the population of Gaza Strip is doubled also in dramatic ways sources of incomes are limited.

Many national and international organization were involved in providing support for Gaza Strip people without taking the Consideration of having computerized information system to organize the work and distribute of relief and helps.

In this project the intend to do a web based system that organize whole work of public social organization we divided our work on the project into four main phases, the first phase is study and analysis of the environment around the intended information system, the second phase is gathering the system requirements from the users and stockholders, the third is design and the fourth is implementation and testing.