Master Thesis

Approved Proposals of Master Thesis (under my supervision)


– A Classification of Western Media Converge for Palestinians and Israelis Conflict Basing on Big Data  Mining Techniques, 12/2016.

By: Eng. Heba Lubbad


We Live in Big data  era , where big data mining  has been promising trend of last decade for many researchers , trying to effectively extract and deploy all possible knowledge discovery from the overwhelming amount of generated data.  Huge increase of media breaking news and articles were remarkably presented during the Israel Gaza war in summer 2014. This need investigation and analysis of  media representation, particularly the western media, which had been accused lopsided and unfair coverage to the war on Gaza. Through this  study  we aim to present a methodology based on big data mining  to build a taxonomy of a set of  terms and vocabularies disseminated by Palestinians and Israelis  used at  western media coverage during the Gaza summer 2014 war. Our Methodology adopt big data mining processing and analytics paradigm to provide an environment with integrity, performance, availability, and scalability. Methodology evaluation based on three measurement  F-measure , recall and precision. 


– An Ontology-Based Approach for Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis and Physical Therapy in Gaza Strip, 11/2016

By: Eng. Mohammed Sulaiman Zurob


The world Health Organization (WHO) published factsheet in 2015 show that over one billion people have disabilities around the world. This means 15% of world population has some forms of disability. Most of these disabilities are physical disabilities. Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a permanent motor disorder that appears in early age and cause mental and physical disabilities. Based on WHO, between 1.5 to 2.8 cases per 1000 birth have CP Disability in the world. In Gaza Strip, 2.6% of population has some forms of disability. The children under 18 years with CP disability represent 3.1% of disability population in Gaza Strip. However, there are very little researches or focused studies targeted CP disability in Gaza Strip based on domain experts who working in disability health care centers in Gaza Strip. In addition, the siege established over Gaza Strip limits importing professional treatment equipment’s.

There are different studies conducted globally to improve and assist in CP diagnosis and physical therapy treatment, but the most effective techniques built using computer software with supported ICT tools like physical therapy CPWalker, and CP assessment technique ENLAZA which are expensive and not easy to be imported.

In this research, we proposed approach based on ontology to diagnose children with CP, generate physical therapy work-plans, and assist in knowledge sharing between experienced and fresh physiotherapists. At the end of the research, we think we will have functional approach for CP diagnosis and physical treatment planning. Our proposed approach will be evaluated by domain expert review to evaluate its functionality.


– A Data Mining Approach of the Orientation Enhancement for (Tawjihi) Palestinian High School Students, 09/2016.

By: Eng. Jamil Alagha


Nowadays, huge amounts of data and information are spread in different sectors as well as, Education, Health Care, Medicine, Transportations, Food Production, etc., such data produced from Educational Operations which rarely exploited is a clear example of the matter. Data Mining Technique’s may provide solutions to exploit these data in the orientation of students to select their field of study (as their major). Several statistics illustrate a remarkable percentage of fail students in universities due to a bad selection of the field of study (major). Our proposed approach will base on Data Mining Technique’s to enhance the High School Students Orientation to the universities and more further to facilitate their selections of study specially (major) that fit to their competences in different modules and courses. The data include three years period [2013-2015] results from Palestinian high school students in Gaza Strip and a sample of students grades profiles they are joined to the Islamic University of Gaza. After preprocessing on data to be suited for mining techniques, we using classification and clustering techniques on data-set to extracted knowledge to provide guidelines and recommendations for these students and students graduates later. After preforming of a deep literature study and defining objects, a phase of data gathering and preparation be hold, followed by an experiment of classification and clustering data mining techniques on data set. Then an approach will be developed. Finally, we expected outputs results will be as guidelines and recommendations to orientations students for their study specially selection in universities.